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    So I've been posting on this forum off and on for several years. My hair has not gotten any worst over the last 24 months but not really better either. I've gotten excited so many times when I saw my shed go way down and thought I was on the road to recovery and then the shedding picks back up again. This post is not to discourage anybody as I think the main culprit is my thyroid. Since I'm within the medical industries standardized range, I remain untreated. I believe in my heart I have an underactive thyroid but they will not treat me.

    So in the meantime, I push on.

    Since my hair has thinned a great deal over the 5 years I've been battling hair loss, I've had to look an alternative methods to hide the loss (also the texture of my hair has changed and become dry and very brittle making it unmanageable, difficult to hide the thin spots and to style).

    I decided 2 years ago to get extensions, which helped for a while and then the loss became more apparent in the front (front hairline and temple area) so I needed at that point to really go into a frontal piece or wig. I couldn't afford any of the professional units that they sell and I also did not want to shave my head and bond a unit to my scalp. I felt like that could make matter worse, in terms of my scalp which is very tender and sore to the touch, most of the time.

    So I decided to buy some weaving/weft hair and make my own top unit. I got better at it over time but wanted to keep trying to make the weave hair look more and more undetectable and more realistic (as if it was growing out of my own scalp). I started watching wig making videos on youtube to learn how to make my own wig using lace front closures and lace frontal pieces that you buy to create your own custom lace wig.

    These lace front closures and frontal simulate a real scalp with individual hair strands. The hairline on the frontals can be plunked with a tweeter to customized and mimic your own natural hairline (which tends to make it look even more realistic and flawless). The whole process provides the best customization for a more realistic unit. Many of the pre-made over-the-counter wigs do not fit me promptly because I have a small head and they also can not be customized very much. I used 100% human hair and that also lends to a realistic look.

    I've gotten so good now, my wig looks so real, I've had so many people compliment me on my hair and have no idea I'm wearing a custom wig. Making the wig using a nylon based dome cap is also very comfortable, I don't need to wear a wig stocking cap under the wig nor do I need to use any kind of adhesive or glue around my hair line, which I feel is damaging to scalp and any hair remaining in that area. I can wear this wig all day and be incredible comfortable, I can even sleep in it if I chose. It protect my very fragile bio hair and I can treat my hair at night when I take the wig off. I still take care of my bio hair but I don't expose it to the daily abuse of trying to style it, dye it and all the other things I use to do. I think if I was still doing that with the little bit of hair I have left, I would really be bald by now!

    I haven't given up on my bio hair. I'm still taking hair vitamins and doing everything I can to keep the shedding at a minimum. I started back on iron and vitamin D and it stopped my shedding A LOT!

    So I'm still fighting the good fight, but I need to be able to go out and still look nice in public and the wigs have given me my life back. I'm not overly stress about having to go out in public with thinning hair, I can go out and look nice and feel confident and not miss a beat.

    I would encourage anybody who has to transition into a wig or front piece to look into learning how to make their own wigs and frontals. It's not really hard, if you know how to sew a hem in a garment you can make your own wig. Check out all the videos on youtube as there are a slew of them and you can save yourself thousands of dollars and have your own custom made wigs that looks just as good as a $2,000 or $3,000 wig.
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    Wow! I admire your skills but I have watched some videos and feel totally incompetent