low ferritin, high hemoglobin

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    My hair loss nightmare started about a year ago. I did not notice an increased shed at first. The Derma. ran some basic tests and examined my scalp. He noticed miniturized hairs and labeled me "androgenic" although I have no family history. The blood tests showed a ferritin level of 9, and testosterone below the normal range. He put me on 200 mg. of spironolactone and told me to take iron supplements. Since ferritin deficiency hair loss can mimic androgenic alopecia, I went off the spiro. and just focused on the ferritin. I brought it up to 40 and quit supplementing (thinking my body was kicking in - was afraid to over do). My levels dropped to 17 rather quickly. Two months after coming off the spiro. I started a horrifying shed between 100-200 hairs in the shower. I panicked and went back on spiro. I finally got an appointment with a hematologist who gave me two rounds of iron infusions. My levels rose to 132 and then began to fall again. At this point I had had an ablasion thinking my problem was heavy periods. Now with no periods my ferritin is still steadily falling. The last test was 60. I would get another iron infusion except I have another problem, high hemaglobin. That's not normal. I've been through a bone marrow test which came back normal and am headed for a ct scan on my kidneys. Does anyone out there have high hemaglobin/ low ferritin? Also, my hair loss slowed after the iron infusions, but then spiked up again. Is my problem low ferritin? androgenic alopecia? or both? My hair is so thin (used to be waist length, thick and curly). I've ordered a wig, but am not ready for that yet.....any insight would be great.