Low Ferritin - How to Increase It

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    Thanks for the reply NYCGIRL. I have had my thyroid etc. checked at least four different times during this. It is supposed to be normal, but you know how that is. I have not had my hormones checked yet. I don't know why. I am seeing a dermatologist/hairloss Dr. and low ferritin is what was noticable. I don't like my number alway's in the 30's and dropping to 24 anyway's, but I wish this had been tried out over two year's ago! When you are going through this, the Dr's etc. really aren't there to answer questions! It is bad enough having the 100+ shed a day, let alone 350+ now. So I am trying to look at anything. They have me taking ferrous sulphate 325mg three times a day. I was told my hair is reflecting three months ago. Three months ago, I had lowest ferritin, death of a friend etc. In over two year's of this it is my worst ever. I am trying to look at hairpieces and things just to face the world again.
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    NYCGIRLIE, wanted to see if your hair is better? I wen't back and looked at your previous posts. I have alway's eaten spinach, broccolli, red meat, just about everything I eat has iron. Very little gets absorbed. I have alway's taken a multi and various supplements. If your a women with heavy mensus, and work out ( I do cardio, weights ) from what I understand, you need more iron. None of the Dr's I saw let me know that. I have a high iron sat. # and one of the Dr's told me not to take any iron, or I would get an overload. I clearly needed it with that number of ferritin! Matter of fact, she had me quit my multi, flax etc. It is suspicious that I got worse and worse! This was eight months before current Dr. The first year I was told I had hairloss due to stress.
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    My first doc said it was stress too! I think thats the easy answer. I have heavy menstrual, wasnt eating much iron, doing high cardio workouts not realizing this was causing low iron. I have only been on iron for 5 weeks so far, addws iron foods (Total, raisins, red meat, spinach),and have cut back workouts. I have noticed a slow down of shedding so its back to a normal range. I do see some babyhairs too but I had those before. I am hoping that in the next few months there will be much more regrowth especially in front and hairline. My doc said it takes about 2-3 months to slow shedding and an iron feritin level of 70+ to see more regrowth. Considering using toppik in front/hairline but am not sure its safe while trying to regrow hair. I heard it has aluminum in it! Anyone with toppik info, please share!
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    This is interesting; the acceptable range of ferritin quoted seems to vary upon what Dr you seen! I have hairloss but no solid diagnosis (might be LP, AGA or ferritin deficiency!) and during the course of tests i had my ferritin result was 17, i was told the minimum was 15, so i barely scrape that. I was given ferrous sulphate back at the end of Oct, 28 tablets but I've only taken 13! Im crap at remembering, so i haven't seen any improvement in my hair. If i want to check my blood level ill have to *ask* my Dr because i was not given a follow-up appointment. I feel quite alone with this :(

    And as for this:
    It is my understanding red wine will not inhibit iron absorption if the iron is from an animal (heme) source. I think this may have been in reference to tannins which are contained in red wine (and also tea/coffee). Tannins will inhibit absorption of iron from plant (non-heme) sources.
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    Hair Loss Caused by Coffee?

    Hi Gals,

    I'm new here and boy am I glad to have you to talk to. My (already thin) hair is shedding more, and I've lost all my bangs!

    I did a "search" for the word "coffee" and stumbled upon this thread.

    I have always drunk a pretty good amount of coffee but around the time my hair started thinning 6 months ago I had just switched to Starbucks, and lots of it!

    Can coffee cause hair TE or interfere with the Vitamin B regimen I just started to raise Iron levels?

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    Raising Ferritin w/ Meat

    This is my first post, and I am so glad I found this site! I will share more of the details of my story after I pass this info on here... however, my story is not unusual and is rather boring... fraught with the same frustrations, detective work, and questions everyone else seems to have who hasn't identified what is causing their hair loss. That said...

    My Ferritin has been between 26-29 for the last 2 years, my iron has never tested (that I know) of prior to 2010. In 2010 my doctor did not mention the low ferritin, and both she and my dermatologist said it didn't "look like" I was losing my hair - despite my insistance. Blah!

    I decided to to add red meat back into my diet and decided on Grass Fed Free Range Bison.

    According to various sources, Bison (Buffalo) meat has over 65% more iron, more B12, and less fat than Beef. I have excellent cholesterol levels and don't want to mess that up - if I can help it.

    In addition to adding Bison to my diet 2-3 days a week, my NEW doctor has put me on 100mg of Iron Bisglycinate (2 caps. of 25 mg AM & PM) washed down w/ half a glass of Emergen-C. I imagine you could just take it with organce juice. My doctor explained that Iron Bisglycinate is much easier on the stomach, and user reviews online seem to confirm that.

    Anyway, just thought I would share about considering Bison if anyone is trying to raise their ferritin with red meat, and wants to keep down their intake of animal fat.

    I'm not convinced that ferritin is causing my hair problem, I'm thinking its a thyroid issue or other hormone issue... or a combination! Ugh.

    So glad I found this community!