Low iron - shedding stopped, but how long did it take you for regrowth?

Discussion in 'Iron' started by eeks, Dec 15, 2013.

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    I had been experiencing hair loss for about a year and a half when I finally found out it was ferritin. In May this year, my ferritin was 22, and in August after taking iron supplements daily it was 36. I continued the supplements and noticed that in early November, the shedding went back to consistently "normal" amounts. In other words it took about 6 months of supplementation to stop shedding, which seems typical. However, I don't see any regrowth yet.

    I had an appointment with a dermatologist in late November who thought the hair loss was both due to low iron and androgenetic alopecia. So I am on spironolactone 100 mg and Rogaine 5% foam for that, but I do notice that the shedding rate went back to normal before I even started the spiro + rogaine, so I kind of hope the loss is mostly from the low iron because that seems to have more chance of regrowth!! Will have to wait and see! I have my doubts about the Rogaine because it seems like it only deals with the symptoms and not the cause, but I'm trying it out, I guess.

    So, my question is, if you had hair loss due to low iron/ferritin, when did you start to see regrowth?
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    Hi eeks,

    I also tested ferritin 22 last month. Before that I see small healthy hair sticking up all over my scalp but it's not a lot of them so I wouldnt say they are regrowth yet.

    I was wondering how much elemental iron you take every day?
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    Hi eeks,
    I am sorry you are going through this, but happy to hear your shedding has stopped. Seems that would indicate low ferritin is to blame? Similarly, my ferritin was 17 in April 2013 and I last tested at mid 50s in about November '13 - been taking Ferro-Tone liquid iron which provides 29mg/ 152% daily value plus Vitron-C High Potency iron - 65mg/360% daily value every day since. I know that is a heck of a lot but I decided to be really aggressive with this since I have severe chronic IBS (which means I don't metabolise nutrients well) along with VERY heavy periods - both of which have probably caused my ferritin to be so low. I was shedding about 300-500 hairs every day and lost about half my hair and saw NO new growth for about 10 months but I reckon my levels must be over 70 if not more by now, because about a month ago the shedding stopped and I started to see tonnes of new baby hairs all over and now have a 'halo' of short hairs. The third dermatologist I saw last month - just as I was starting to see new growth:rolleyes: - diagnosed me with Chronic telogen effluvium (the other two derms I saw gave no diagnosis) because my loss was diffuse rather than with the distinct pattern of AGA. I guess my overall point it is it takes time for new growth and even now I still have terribly thin hair but at least the shedding has almost completely stopped and, more importantly, there is new growth. If it is low ferritin rather than AGA for you then Minoxidil can be used and then discontinued once the follicles have been triggered to go back to the anagen phase, without the associated shedding of all the new growth, according to my (3rd) dermatologist. I reckon it will take a year, perhaps more, for my hair to fill in but if the culprit in your case is low ferritin - rather than AGA - you should start to see new growth if you are really vigilant with the iron (plus vitamin C for iron absorption) once your ferritin is above 70. All the reading I have done over the last year suggests minimum of 70 ferritin to halt shedding and perhaps 90 or more for new growth. Most dermatologists and doctors seem to think a lower level is acceptable but internet articles disagree. Hang in there, it takes a lot of patience! Healthy diet, exercise, plenty of water and whatever supplements you feel are necessary will all help. I have also been taking biotin, zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, krill oil. I am not necessarily suggesting you take the high level of iron I have been - overdoing it can be extremely dangerous - but I have been taking that level for a year with no ill effects. Just depends on how your body metabolises it. Sorry for long post! I wish you all the very best of luck on your journey to recovery and hope some of this info helps.:)