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    Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone could relay a bit about their experience buying a topper from Maria Jaggard. I'm seriously considering it (pending a diagnosis, if I ever get one of those!), but, before I drop a lot of money on a topper, I would like to get some feedback, if possible.

    In particular, was your topper hair a good match for your bio hair? (texture, colour, etc.) How much was it and how did you find the customer service?

    Her website has some impressive examples on it, but it's always nice to hear first hand from people.

    Wishing everyone the best,

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    Maria Jaggard Salon, VancouverHairLoss

    Hi - this is Brian Jaggard, Maria's husband. I know that most people such as yourself are in the search phase for a solution to your hair issue and most of our clients with hair systems are in the "found" stage so I'm not sure if you will get a reply to your question here.
    We are a small hair loss company mostly specializing in custom - full or partial - hair systems. I'd like to start off this thread with some bragging rights to Maria's toppers/hair systems.
    Maria has been in the "hair system" business for over 20 years and was an extremely talented hairdresser prior to touching her first wig. Your concerns about matching colour, etc (you co-design the hair system with Maria - choosing the length, colour, density, curl pattern, size, style, etc) are covered in our free consultation. We have no sales pressure and there is no charge for the consultation so I would invite you to come see us for yourself.
    When looking for price quotes, make sure you are comparing apples to apples since the design and materials we use are unique and top quality. Custom hair systems arrive uncut so you also need to make sure the designer/stylist has a good grasp of your finished look as well as the skills to cut it for you. You can pay for the best system in the world, but if the stylist doesn't cut it properly, you're in trouble.
    During a consultation we usually have other clients coming and going so often times they are comfortable enough to speak to you about their own experiences. I've posted about 150 testimonials I've collected in just the past two years on our website. If you want to speak to any of those clients first hand, I can arrange a conference call.
    We love this business because we genuinely help people and we are proud of our value to our clients. Hope this helps :)
    Brian Jaggard
    Maria Jaggard Salon
    Langley, BC