martial arts and fighting fitness and hair loss

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    I just took up keysi fighting (kfm if you want to look it up) and it's amazing! I do however struggle with getting myself there every week because of my hair loss. I use toppik right now but am transitioning and shopping for a wig so I can shave my head and try a new round of natural treatments to regrow my hair.

    sweating and toppik is no good, and I'm in a room full of people, and I'm not comfortable with anyone knowing about my hair loss yet (right now only my boyfriend knows) and I need to figure something out so I can keep doing this without being afraid. I don't want to ruin a wig while training, and even if I wear it the fighting style involves a lot of head defense, face grabbing, and the like.. and it would likely get knocked off my head I think.

    it's strange realizing everything you do becomes 85% more difficult when you lose your hair.
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    Interesting Post!!:)