Mary's Head wraps (Video)

Discussion in 'Hats and Scarves' started by Angela, Apr 27, 2009.

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    The scarfs looked so nice on her and definitely were lighter than the ones I wear. I wan't to have a turkish scarf! Mary's absolutely right, if more bald women would walk in the streets it wouldn't be so big of a deal.
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    I agree with both if U. However, I've been looking for the scarves that have their tail long enough so I can wear it hanging down the back or the side of my head, and the part that sits around my head is pregathered to give it body. They're more turban-like looking without having to tie it all up myself, & they came in bright, wonderful prints too. I used to see them at my wig shop, but no more. I need a new place to find them now, if anyone is familiar with what I've described....send to me please. Thanks !!