Mast cell degranulation in itchy scalp & diffuse HL

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    I have itching and bumps although there is no pus in them, just intensely itchy. I have a cycle: IBS flare, itching, bumps, hair turns gray then falls out. This has been going on since at least 2008. I went to derm who biopsied and found mixed inflammatory cells and said I had a Staph infection on my scalp. They wanted to treat me with 3 months of Minocycline (very strong antibiotic). I refused based on the fact that I have yeast in my GI tract and am desparately getting that under control. NO way I was going to wreck my GI flora!!!

    After researching, I found this mixed inflammation does not always mean Staph. My symptoms just did not meet the clinical picture. I had an appointment with the derm who was WONDERFUL explaining allergy and HL. They looked at my scalp and said it looked very healthy with no scarring. So now what?

    After tons of research, I found info about Mast Cell degeneration releasing inflammatory chemicals into the hair follicles. I have environmental allergies, toxic mold exposure, and food sensitivities contributing to my IBS. I am going to follow mast cell degeneration up and see what I can find out. Meanwhile, I am reaching critical phase. I can barely style my hair now due to HL and my front side hairline will quickly disappear as most of the few remaining hairs are gray and will fall out soon. I AM SO SAD every time I see a fallen hair and when I wash my hair!!!!!