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    I just thought I would share with everyone that I may finally be seeing some improvement in my hair loss- I want to share in case it ends up being legit! If not, I will let you know.

    Ive posted my story on here before- but I still want to remind you of what I have been trying.

    I started at 25mg daily of spirolactone about 6 months ago with a prenatal vitamin and biotin. Then, I increased the dose of spiro to 50 mg/daily, and one month ago, I finally increased it to 100mg daily (50 twice a day). The recommended spirolactone dose is 200 mg/daily; however, I have read you can see results as low as 75mg. I am always iffy about prescription medicine, so I think 100mg is a safe compromise. In addition to the spiro, I added nizorall 2% shampoo 3 X day along with 1000mg L-lysine (it is suppose to help the spiro work better or so I have read). I also take Vit D and C.

    ALSO- I was on a REALLY low estrogen bc pill (mircette), and for the past month I have recently switched to a higher estrogen pill called Ortho-tricyclen. This is one of the top recommend hair loss bc pills. I have read that estrogen is a huge factor in helping women to not lose hair like men do. So, by having such low estrogen, I have always had a gut feeling I wasnt getting enough that my body required! So- it couldnt hurt to switch to something different. Not to mention, I think the mircette made my mood unstable- as if hair loss isnt enough to cause a short fuse and depression, the bc pill probably wasnt helping that either. So, the ortho has actually helped my mood, too.

    In the last month since I increased my spiro and added the nizoral shampoo, I thought my shedding may have slightly increased (but could have just been in my head). HOWEVER, for the past 4 days I havent had any significant shedding. On a normal day I shed about 100-250 hairs. And for the past three or four days, my hair loss is only about 20/30 hairs per day. This is huge for me! I almost didnt want to write on here afraid I will jinx it, but, we are all in this together- so If I see ANY results, I really want to share with everyone.

    I am a Christian and I make prayer and God a huge part of my life. I have always used my hair as a security blanket to compensate for my low confidence. I can only look at my personal situation and think that God does things for a reason- So if I go bald, well, then I go bald. But, I can only pray every day that God takes care of this and helps me find the perfect solution to fight back. I havent been the type to just give up. And I am a firm believer that God's Will for me is better than my own, so... I am doing everything I can including lifting this hair loss problem up to God as much as a I can and NOT letting myself worry about it constantly. Trust me, I have already tried that and it doesnt work. ha. But- sometimes we all have to look and the deeper meaning behind it and keep having faith that it is in God's hands.

    Anyway- Just wanted to give everyone a little hope. My hair loss could level off again and get back to its normal annoying self, but if not, then that would be wonderful, too!! I havent seen any new growth yet- but, if the hair loss just eased up- id be even happier with that too!

    Keep yall updated. God bless!:)
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    Update: Still seeing good results

    I am getting close to hitting day 10 of no hair loss. I am still in shock that I may finally have a regimen that works for me. Since my last post, I have barely lost more than 10/15 hairs per day. Again, I am FULLY aware it could come back tomorrow, but I really appreciated when other people posted their success stories and updates, and it really gave me hope to NOT give up. So no matter what happens tomorrow- i'm going to keep pushing forward. Along with God, I really think the good results are coming the 100 mg spirono (50 mg/twice a day with food) and the Nizorall 2% shampoo 3xweek.

    I was on 25 mg spiro and slowly worked my way up over the last 5/6 months- but it wasnt until the increase to 100 mg spiro and nizorall that my hairloss has improved/stopped.

    Anyway- I hope this helps or encourages someone else out there- . Ill keep updating if anyone wants or cares to know. Just say so! We are in this together. God bless
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    Encouraging To Hear Your Making Progress

    :):)Hello everyone, it seems their are several ladies on this post who are seeing results from the Spiro and supplements. That is really great. I have been taking Spiro for about 3 months and was really getting worried. I know I need to increase from the 50 that I take but wanted to do it slowly and wanted to hear that there were some GOOD results from it.... I seem to be hearing more positive lately and am going to keep trying to move forward with this problem. I feel like it most be a sign because I have been waiting to hear this information. THANK YOU ladies for continuing to post even though you are doing better.. It is so helpful for all of us who are still trying to get where you are... God bless and keep fighting.... I hope that I can continue with the treatment.. Lisah
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    Hello All,

    I have been on spiro 200 mg a day for almost a year now, it seemed like it was helping for the first few months and now my hair is falling out worse than ever.I also get monthly injections in my scalp (also not helping)

    I am now wearing wigs all the time because 80% of my hair is gone

    Im glad the Spiro is working for some,at this point im not sure what else i can try

    I am diagnosed with Hashimotos disease,and alopecia areata