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    So my awesome husband has been very supportive of me and my hair loss mania. He even came with me to pick out a topper. He didn't say much when I dropped $1100 on it (it's real human hair). Then he said "now I don't want to hear about the hair loss anymore okay."

    I never thought anything of it at the time as I was just so excited at the prospect of looking normal again. After wearing it for a few days the excitement wore off and now I am finding myself getting depressed when I have to take it off and look at what's left underneath. Besides that I am still shedding like crazy (300 yesterday after my shower)!

    So I was alittle upset last I usually am after a shower. I tried talking to him about it and he said " I thought I told you that I didn't want to hear about it after we bought that thing".

    I wanted to cry. I think he assumed that buying a topper would solve the problem. But he doesn't seem to understand that it is still killing me inside, even though I can hide it now.

    I feel angry--like he's let me down. He was my rock and now he doesn't even want me to talk about it? I'll stop talking about it when I have a diagnosis and my hair stops falling out!

    Am I over reacting? Just curious. He really is a sweet man but clearly he doesn't get it. :mad:
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    Men want to fix things and he doesn't know how to fix it. He thought the topper was the fix. I feel very sorry for men because they don't know how to deal with this situation.

    I think it may be better for you to find someone else to talk to about this. Unfortunately men simply cannot be all that we need sometimes. I'm so sorry for this. I have not been able to discuss my hair loss at all with my husband.
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    I really wish I had someone else to talk to but I don't :( Well I have all you lovely ladies I suppose ;) Who do you talk to about your hairloss? I find it embarrassing and don't really trust anyone but him. I would be mortified if anyone else found out!

    And you are do like to fix things and he probably was just trying to "fix" me. I guess in a way it's kind of cute right? At least he didn't run, it could be worse.

    Thanks for the perspective it really helped :>
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    Hi LaceyGirl,

    Oh, do I know how you feel. I too thought buying a topper and a wig would mean all of this is now fixed and can go away. Well, I learned the hard way that covering it up is not going to fix anything.

    This is a very difficult road, and feel completely depressed but with you and everyone else here, I am some how still breathing. I am learning so much and know that this is our journey, we own, so we have to make it work. Praying to find the right doctors, those who even have to tell us the worst, praying they are compassionate with the news. Keep coming here to let it out and forgive your husband. He is feeling your pain too. Hang in there

    Your friend,
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    Good Luck with endocronologist

    Take as many tests as you can. Also see a dermatologist. Mine ended up being hereditary alopecia so I have to deal with it which I have over the years but it always on my mind all the time. Hopefully the doctor will find something silly like maybe low thyroid or something that can be fixed hopefully with meds etc... Just hang in there and know you are not alone out here!
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    I'm glad my thoughts helped you a bit.

    I have two very close friends that I talk to about my hair loss. I don't mind them knowing. I have come a very long way since all this began as far as my mental states goes.

    And there is a lady that does extensions for me on occasion that I talk to she is a blessing.
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    I feel your pain. I've been wearing a topper for 2 weeks now and my husband just told me it looks fake like a wig. I just want to die. At work people were asking what's different and I was playing off as a new hair cut and just found out they all know it's a "wig" . I though I was done being embarrassed but now I habe this glued to my head n I am self conscience that I am wearing a wig. Just can't win.
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    I have a question about your extensions - are they tape-in? I just joined this site and have some specific questions about tape-in extensions and am looking for a place to ask it! I can't figure this site out!! If I can ask you my question, that's great ... but I want to start a forum so I can get more than one answer! Thanks.

    And there is a lady that does extensions for me on occasion that I talk to she is a blessing.[/QUOTE]
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    You just really need someone to talk to who understands. Also I am interested in knowing whats seems to be the cause of your hairloss? Can you email me at