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    Hi I'm new here and just want to share my story in case anyone else has gone through this or any advice would be appreciated...I was on the mini pill that contains only progestin for a year. My hair loss started about 9 months into taking this pill (while breastfeeding) and continues today I stopped the pill in May after much research realizing this is what caused my hair loss.

    Question: I've lost almost half my hair and it's really starting to thin out all over. I have an appt Friday with my gyno. Should I ask her to put me on a combination birth control pill to help rid of the testosterone? What kinds of tests should I request? Already had full liver, thyroid & other blood tests that came back normal.

    I tried going on ortho cyclen for 1 day & threw up that whole day! Not kidding...was thinking of going on Estrostep but it's a high confused please help!!!!