minoxidil (rogaine) for low ferritin levels?

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    Hi everyone,
    I have been suffering from difuse hairloss for more than a year. It started 4 months after I had a child. So I assumed it was post-partum hairloss and was trying to wait it out. But then the hair just kept coming out and I went to a derm, who looked at my bloodwork and said everything is fine. But guess what my ferritin was? 12!
    I found another derm and got examined last month (ferritin 20, six months after the first checkup) and was told my hairloss is due to low ferritin. She put me on Slow Fe twice a day for 3 months. She also perscribed Rogaine for Men 5 % to be used once a day (up to 2ml). I used it for about a week and got dandruff and my hairloss seemed to have intensified.

    What do you guys think - does Minoxidil help for ferritin-related hairloss? On the package it says that it doesn't, but I know some derms still do perscribe it.

    What do you guys think? Should I use Minoxidil or not? I read that it often causes some kind of "dread shed" - don't know what that means. I am afraid it could make my condition worse.

    thank you,