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Discussion in 'Wigs and Toppers' started by ABO, Jun 7, 2014.

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    Hey guys (or gals, I guess)! This is my first post here in the forums, and I was hoping you could help steer me in the right direction. I am at the point where I am considering purchasing a wig, either down the road or as a backup for when I really stop feeling comfortable in public. There are a few things I'm a little concerned about, and was wondering what some of you established hair wearers could tell me!

    1. Did you cut or shave your hair prior to wearing a wig? If I start wearing a wig I do still want to keep working with my treatments to see what happens. My hair is quite thin but it is sort of long. Would that be tough to put in a wig cap?

    2. I love the look of Follea, but I simply can't afford it. Have any of you worn other human hair wigs, like Jon Renau. How is the quality?

    3. Has anyone ordered a wig online?

    4. What were the reactions of your coworkers when you started wig wearing? If I jump into this I would definitely go for a longer, fuller wig, so I am scared people will just be completely weirded out by the change. Has anyone had any problems with this?

    Thanks for any help you can provide! Not sure whether I will go forward with this, but I like imagining that I have options. It's great to see so many women regaining their confidence this way!
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    I am trying on a follea wig this week with the intentions of purchasing it after a lot of research. I tried on many other wigs prior to that decision and none of them were "me", but I've seen many brands look good on a lot of people.

    I don't have many answers for you, but wanted to let you know I'm in the same boat. I am going lighter in color (because I just want to :) ) and am worried that my fine, dark, thin, longish hair will have a problem being concealed by the wig. However, now that my shedding has stopped and I have regrowth I do not want to buzz it like I originally intended.

    I can let you know more after my appointment about what I find out in regards to some of your questions and what ended up working for me!