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Discussion in 'Inspiration' started by Women's Hair Loss Project, May 9, 2009.

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    Last weekend MTV aired an episode of True Life titled "I'm Losing My Hair." One of the stories on the documentary was of a girl named Rebecca, a nineteen year old student at San Francisco State University. She is incredibly open, honest and candid about her feelings in dealing with hair loss and the effect it has had on her life. At one point she states she feels like she is living a lie.

    Much of her story brought tears to my eyes because I could completely relate to what she was feeling, to her pain and anxiety. I placed the video here in the "Inspiration" section because I am inspired by Rebecca for her courage to be honest with herself, for her strength to talk to a television crew and express her feelings and vulnerability, and for her willingness to see her true beauty. :>

  2. Angela

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    Thank you for sharing that video

    I loved it! I cried too when I watched it. I hope they do a follow up with her to show her life in a year or so.
  3. Women's Hair Loss Project

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    Hi Angela -

    She is incredibly brave to be so open and honest and to ultimately make that decision to not wear her wig anymore. I watched the clip several times and each time I still cried, it hits so close to home. I haven't seen that many episodes of True Life so I'm not sure if they ever do follow-ups or anything, but indeed it would be awesome if the would do that.

  4. Angela

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    You should post this on the Network too.
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    You are right my love, I've just been juggling so many things, any moment one of these balls are gonna drop LOL.
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    Thank you so much for posting this. I'm not a heck of a lot older than this girl. I definitely related, as I was thinning in college, too. And it was great that she was able to not wear the wig.

    I think, though, that I'll be one of the women who wears a wig when I get to the point that I'm uncomfortable with my appearance. I don't think it's about the societal norm, because I'll buy Rogaine in the middle of the day at the drugstore around the corner. I just ... like the way I look with hair. It's hard to explain, I guess.
  7. Angela

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    We all love hair. Its beautiful and its there for a reason. When we are very young little girls we never say "I wonder what it will look like when I'm older and start losing my hair." It isn't a part of our thinking, so it takes a while to adjust if it happens to us. Many women would never dream of going out with the bald look...I know that when I first shaved my head you wouldn't catch me out without it. I slept and showered in the damn thing. There are women that I know that have Alopecia Universalis since childhood that would never go out without a wig. They grew up without hair and never want to be seen without it. Not because they are ashamed or embarrassed, but because they love the way hair looks. I don't blame them. Some people get to the place of acceptance that they can go out bald, and others get to that place of acceptance that they love wearing a wig. They have accepted that they have hair loss and prefer to always wear a wig. That is acceptance too. Both sides are being true to themselves.
    A person that goes out bald is not any further along in that path. Its how you feel about yourself that really matters. I know that many will think that going out bald is the ultimate acceptance, but its not. Its simply a choice.
  8. finaleofseem

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    So true, Angela. I was thinking about it more after I posted my reply, and I came to the same conclusion. I think the ultimate acceptance is the recognition that the situation is X, and then going on with life as much as possible. Anything past that we decide to do depends on the person. I've seen pictures of you looking gorgeous bald, and women looking gorgeous in wigs and hairpieces.

    Either way, it's SO nice to no longer feel like my hair makes me feminine or pretty. I know that if I decided to shave it all off tomorrow, I'd feel the same about who I am. Which is good, because I'm in a shedding phase, and just may decide it's time sooner than I originally thought. :)
  9. divinem

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    Wow, she's a bright light! I found quite a few helpful videos on youtube. Never thought to look there. Thanks for posting, Angela. :)
  10. Stacey2478

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    I have been losing my hair and then growing it back off and on for a while, I don't think I have Alopecia (im not sure what I have) but I breakdown every time I look in the mirror. Seeing this girl made me think that maybe I will be ok, and at least Im not alone. It was frigtening to see where I might be someday, but also comforting to know it's not the end of the world.
  11. natasha

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    Rebecca thank you so much for sharing your story. You are truly beautiful with or without hair.
  12. shinning_likeme

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    The girl in the show was far more brave than I am , I just cant gather the courage to be that upfront in telling my problems and even face the people I tell with that courage. She has definitely injected some strength in me