My depressing hair story. I am 16 and dont want to live.

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    Thanks for wasting ur time and reading, really means a lot.

    I am 16 years old and having major HAIR PROBLEMS.
    one and a half or 2 years back i had decent hair.not that great but i was okay with it.once i realised there was lice in my head and i used all kinds of medicines on my hair to solve that problem.i went to a water park one day and had a dip and the next day i found i had no lice left on my head. I used to have hair fall but not that much.Then after a year i colored my i think she added bleach to it, i dont know. a few days later there was excess hair fall.( i dont know the real reason for the hair fall but it looks like it was because of coloring, m 80% sure)i went to the doctor he priscribed biotin tablets and deoxarange.i took it and hair fall stopped.but now i am left with very little hair.i feel really disgusting.on top(back) of my head there is very very little hair.i am tired of the jokes my friends crack about my hair.
    I have lost my self confidence i never was pretty but now i am ugly very ugly. i cry everyday cant concentrate on my studies.
    I went to the dermatologist 2 months back he did a hair scan and my density was much below 0.8 and thickness was also low. he prescibed finax and minidoxil.i dont know whether to continue using it. i have developed lots of facial hair..i feel ugly and i dont want to live anymore.
    Hair thinning is all over the head actually but its very much the back of the head and the top middle of the head. Are my follicles dead? What can i do? Is there a way i can find out if my follicles are dead or a scan or sumthing.
    Is it true that hair grown thru minidoxil morr solution is thin and grows maximum to 2mm?? Pls guide me i dont know what to do.

    thanks again for reading. pls do advice me.
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    My depressing hair story.

    I am so so sorry you are feeling so sad and depressed. I know there are so many girls on this site that helped me. Their stories gave me the encouragement to tell my story, and come up with a plan to help myself.

    First, I am a teacher, and my students get lice all of the time. They live in low income housing and share beds with many of their brother's, sisters, and cousins. They spread lice around all of the time. The nurse at our school treats them for lice, and she is extremely hard on their hair. We use one of the cheapest lice products to get the lice out. We have to as there are so many with lice. A few of the teachers have contracted it, the young ones, who just started, and haven't learned the tricks to not get it. They also used the same solution because it was quick and easy. I had one little girl who used the solution everyday for a couple weeks. All of their hair grew back, and many of them lost some hair, from the pulling. But it did grow back.

    You said the hair loss began after you added color. Did the stylist put the solution on your scalp? I had thermal straightening and the stylist put the solution on my scalp. It burnt my scalp and all of my hair fell out, most of it broke, but I did loose more hair than normal.

    I know for me, after the thermal straightening I did nothing. I was given rogaine and a cortisone shots and it didn't really work. It caused more problems. I went on vitamins, took very good care of my scalp and tried to be patient. My hair grew back but not much. I now believe my hair loss is from birth control.

    You are not alone. I am sorry you are so depressed. I think if you have chemical problems, you just have to be patient. I know friends that lost hair from chemical burns, overuse of color, their hair grew back, but it takes along time. I am sorry your friends are not being supportive. That is not right, you don't deserve that, you are going through enough as it is.

    Take care.
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    Hi there, thank you so much for understanding me.It really means a lot. Yeah she put it to my scalp but it didnt burn. It didnt pain.After a week i experienced hair fall. And then in 3 weeks it stopped and was left with very thin hair.Its been 10 months and i am realy angry and surprised because it hasnt grown back.Hair falls normally so i feel its getting worse specially at the back.Can you tell me how much time did it take for your hair to grow back.Is there a way i can find out if follicles are dead or alive like a scan or something else?
    Thanks again.
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    So Sorry that is happening to you

    Hi hon, I am so sorry to hear that is happening to you. I know how devasting it is to have thin hair, all of us here do. Just remember there is no quick fix but it will happen. So first, when you mentioned your hair was falling out and you are getting facial hair I thought back to the reasearch I did for my own hair and remembered a disorder called Polycystic Ovary syndrome, which can cause hair loss and facial hair growth caused by unbalance estrogen and testosterone. So go see an OBGYN and ask them if that is a possibilty. And some quick fixes I found for now, NISIM is a shampoo you can order on ebay, worked great for me and it is not expensive like the others. Second I use a hair volumizing spray from Aveda, I think it is 14$ a bottle. That works great, spray it on your hair when it is wet, and most important when you blow dry your hair, don't flip you head over, keep you head straight up and hold your hair straight up in the air off your head and blow dry the roots while holding them up, do this all over your head. My hair dresser showed me that trick and it worked great. Good luck with everything honey, hope this helps a little!!

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    hi nikki, thanks very much for sharing ur thoughts..actually i got facial hair only after using minidoxil. So even then is there a possibility i can have that disorder?
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    My thermal was put in and it did burn the scalp, but I couldn't feel it, there was no pain. All I remember was that my scalp was very, very tight afterwards. The hair broke after I decided to put color, highlights in, over the thermal straightener. It was too many chemicals. Along with the breakage, the hair started to fall out very rapidly. The problem was I also started yasmin around this time, which I now know caused the majority of my hair loss, however, I truly believe the thermal caused a great deal of damage too. It took a long time to grow the damaged hair back. However, I was also still loosing hair from the yasmin. You can get a scalp biopsy. I would see a doctor, maybe a few. I went to a dermatologist, who knew very little, and an endocrinologist, who knew much more. I also saw my gyno, check my hormones. I heard through this board a fertility specialist has helped many girls. Don't give up. If it really is from the chemicals, it will grow back. I gave up a while ago. I cried all of the time, and wouldn't to out, I obsessed about my hair. I told myself things could be so much worse; I snapped myself out of it, and refocused. I used my energy to find the problem. Don't get down. I started with doctors, and then went from there. Every doctor, specialist, I saw said if it really was the chemicals it would grow back.
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    i just feel the same i hate myself i feel ugly i hate to go out i hate to go to college i hate to meet new i can understand...i am so sorry you had to bear with all this...its not easy...i have become obsessed know mine was just highlights but she didnt wash my hair after putting the colour she just removed it using a cotton...i am just wondering its been 10 months and it hasnt grown back..its just getting thinner i feel though i dont have so much of hair fall...and i was terrifeid when hair started falling again bcause of minidoxil not like the previous time though. i hope it gets better for you, me and everyone else here because i know how it feels...:) and i think i will get a hormone test done soon and update you......:)
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    Hi, sorry it took a while to get back to you. Sorry I got that confused, maybe it was the minoxidl that started the facial hair, but I am not familiar with the side effect of that. I would still check with an OBGYN though and talk to them about hormonal imbalances and even and endocronologist and have them do an indepth blood test to check your thyroid. That is the process I went through several times until I got an answer. I know it sucks honey, unless you go through it you do not understand how devastating it is. But don't do any more chemical treatsments to your hair though. I waited years before I did anything to mine. Best of luck and keep us updated, it will get better!!
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    hi nikki , i did a thyroid test and haemoglobin test but it is fine. the only test which is remaining is the hormone test....ill do that soon and tell you about the results........:)
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    Good luck honey, keep me updated! Good job on getting all that taken care of!!
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    Hi Trish, im sorry u are going thru all of this at such a young age, its not fair but u still have your whole life ahead of you AND your are not your hair there are many hair supplemntal options now that allow you to live your life to the regards to the facial hair ive got that too due to rogaine and i'll be seeing my derm in a month's time and will see what can be done, im hoping it won't be permanent as im pretty sure it was the rogaine that did that so don't worry ab that. Good luck with it all.
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    Hormone testing would be very beneficial. If you have hair growth in other places and your hair is thinning on top, that could be a hormonal imbalance.
    I'm sorry you are going through this at such a young age. :>
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    Maybe a great Wig?

    I was thinking about you and my daughter had a friend who burned her hair off in a bleaching accident. She got a beautiful human hair wig, shaved her head and glued the darn thing on everyday until it got better.

    You could just do the same. Tell everyone that you burned your hair up and just got a wig for a while. The highschool girls were very supportive and understanding and after a day, no one thought about it again.

    Good Luck
  14. I am terribly saddened to hear your story, I have felt exactly the same way and actually battle depression and anxiety on a regular basis. Your facial hair growth is secondary to the minoxidil use, especially if you do not have excess bodily hair growth in a male pattern as commonly seen in polycystic ovarian syndrome. It's still possible to have PCOS, but your hormone tests would most likely indicate that. Often things like chemicals, birth control, and stress can trigger a physiologic condition like for example androgenetic alopecia. Sometimes this gene is not apparent in other family members, or is not obvious, because they may not have had the type of environmental trigger that would set the gene off. I think I myself have a combination of genetic hair loss and chronic shedding due to lots of constant stress; but my sisters who have gorgeous hair, the same stresses, have a condition called irritable bowel syndrome, where their stress is manifested by stomach cramping, and messed up bowel movements. Did you ever see a dermatologist and request a scalp biopsy? I think this is plus/minus because I had one, hoping there was a reversible cause of my hairloss, but was told I have some kind of atypical genetic hormonal hair loss, which wasn't exactly a definitive answer, and all of my blood tests were normal. However I have read the testimonials of numerous women on this site who learned what was causing their hair loss, and this helped to guide their therapy. If anything, you can find out about your follicles, to see if there was any scarring or other damage that is causing the hair loss and little regrowth. Remember that hair cycles are at least 3 months, if not longer, and if you have an aggressive shedding, many of your hair follicles were in a resting phase prior to the hair coming out and will need to get back into the growth phase.

    You know, I think this is a good site to be on, because you see, there are many very young women who suffer the experience of hair loss. I have also found out that you could pass a woman with thick, gorgeous hair on the street, and you may never know that she has the same problem. There are cosmetic solutions out there that I had never even dreamed of, and although quite expensive, they do look very natural. I think if you are continuing to spiral downward emotionally, you ought to consider one of these options. Whether a little or a lot of hairloss, something that can make you feel better is really worth looking into. I am currently doing so and have visited several hair loss salons in my area. Also, I don't think you should neglect your emotional self, you need to find a good support network--not friends who crack jokes. That's easier said than done, but maybe a relative or something. And then really think about seeing a psychologist and getting some therapy. At least you have someone to talk to who can teach you how to live your life with this type of traumatic event. And that is what this is, a trauma, and your adjustment to it is akin to someone adjusting to the loss of a limb. Although people can tell you "things could be so much worse, you could have lost your eyesight, have cancer, lose an arm...", etc, it is really the experience of the loss that sucks. I can't say that I am successful at adjusting, I am saddened and freaked out by this everyday, multiple times a day. But I know that you and I don't deserve to feel this way. Alot of these women are role models, a testimony to the fact that you and I will overcome this, and that our hair is not what defines who we are. I'm there with you...
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    Hi trisha ,
    I hope that you can feel this Hug coming to you from Alabama.
    I read your post , & my heart goes out to you . I have empathy not sympathy for you , meaning that I get it , I understand.
    Problems with hair loss can cause a person to lose self confidence , and yes to "feel ugly" , but I promise you , from the way you wrote your note & expressed yourself here, you are an amazing & lovely young woman.

    You have said that kids your age joke about your hair loss & I know how cruel kids can be . They probably do not realize how bad their comments are hurting you & just do it because they think they are being "cute" & "funny" . they do not know what a jackass & idiot they must look like to others. People who make fun of another persons problem actually are dumb enough to think that it makes them "look " better. You know , kind of like taunting another like we did back in elementary school.

    Since it sounds like you still have a good deal of hair left , and your self esteem is hurting , we gotta do something here to get you to feeling better. Yes, you are losing some of your hair , but you're working on that.
    Mine has been a slow process , and I will write to introduce myself & my story to the forum in a few days.

    I joined this forum because of your post.
    A lot of your emotions are what I feel at age 52 , now isn't that a hoot!
    I have been unable to help myself emotionally until now.
    I read your post & thought , Oh my Gosh , she needs help to feel better, and I can help. So then I got to thinking & thought , I can also help myself.

    I have a college aged daughter & one about to turn 16.
    I know how important it is to feel beautiful inside & out.
    I know that you are beautiful inside & I'm sure you are on the outside as well. All we need to do is tweak it up a bit. My 15 yr old has a Full head of hair & still feels insecure about herself & how she appears to herself & others.
    Like you , I know how insecure I have felt & still feel about my hair loss.
    I have bought wig after wig , and 2 falls that were expensive human hair, and finally came across a topper. A top piece is on a monofilament very thin piece of fabric that is skin colored and has man made hair tied into it , so it appears that hair is growing out of your natural scalp.. It looks so real & is so lightweight, it's not like you have a heavy rug on your head.
    It's a small amount of hair that goes right on the top of your hair from the hairline to the back of your head & covers the hair on the front, sides & back ! It clips in with 3 little clips onto your hair . It was an instant & total transformation for me, & I so want you to get one.
    I'm going to add a link to and the name of a website that has all types of hair stuff for you to see. This site is the least expensive of all I have been to , and they have monthly specials , also clearance or closeouts.
    the name of the site is Ace wigs . The top piece is named "Milan"

    I'll come back later with a complete link to for you !
    You keep hanging in there, cause things are going to get better !
    Bye for now ,
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    Hi Trisha,

    You're breaking my heart- Yes this in unfair and you shouldn't have to be facing it- But that's life and besides seeing your derm and think you benefit from see a psychologist - You sound very depressed and in this situation, you may something that can clear your thoughts. Stay in touch on here it's a great resource. I just bought my 1st wig and I LOVE IT... Listen to your doctor's but also be discerning about their advice. My love and prayers, Judy
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    Stay brave!

    Hi! I'm 25 and my hair loss became apparent when I was 17 and I had just started college. For the longest time I ignored it and then I had to consult a doctor about it. I've taken all the tests and nothing has worked for me. Minoxidil is a very aggresive medication that is often prescribed to men. I used it for a while and stopped because it didn't feel right. If you have alopecia it's often just a way of acheiving your hair loss at a faster rate. Your doctors will prescribe it, but it is up to you to use it. Choose not to, the facial hair is a side effect.
    As for your friends, talk to them. Tell them that your hair loss is something that is a part of you. It is a part of you. Even though I've made my peace with it, it has shaped who I've become. Tell your friends about it, what you've done about it and how it makes you feel. If they are not supportive, I hate to say this, but they cannot be your friends. People at that age are especially cruel. Stay brave ok?
    If it will make you feel better try a new hair accessory, maybe a beret or a scarf and make it a part of your "look". My final piece of advice, cut your hair, long hair falls out faster and shorter hair looks fuller.
    You are person who has more to offer than a beautiful head of hair. You are not your hair!
  18. deafsinger

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    Hi trisha2 ,

    I came back here to leave you the links to some hair add-ons. Since you are so young & the thought of a true "wig" probably horrifies you , I have picked a few very lightweight toppers & headband type falls. there are lots of other places & resources , but this place usually has great prices.
    You forget you have these on for sure !
    And, I suppose you are up there with Brittney Spears, Jessica Simpson , Lady Gaga, Beyonce , MileyCyrus , Taylor Swift , any of the Pussycat Dolls because you too have now decided to add a hair accessory !

    Let me know what you think about these !

    Hope to Hear How you are doing soon !

    deafsinger (Frances)
  19. deafsinger

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    Hi trisha2 ,
    I forgot to comment on your facial hair growth, it can be easily taken care of at home with a product I swear by ! Have you ever heard of NADS ? It's green , and it's a gel type of natural product that has honey & aloe . You are not having to use chemical hair removers & you are not having to use painful & hot sticky wax.

    This comes with a spatula & cheesecloth , and you apply the gel , press the cheesecloth over it & quickly remove the cheesecloth . Read all the directions on how to use it , but I promise you it's so easy.
    To me, the added benefit is that it also exfoliates the dead skin away & cleans out all of your pores. You'll look & feel like you have had a spa day !
    Your face will feel smooth & clean & your cheeks will be rosy !

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    There is hope...

    Am so sad to hear a young lady like you is in this problem.
    Causes of Female Hair Loss is categorized into 3: hereditary hair loss, hormone surges or imbalance and serious health issues.
    Hereditary hair loss, or Alopecia, (the scientific name for Female Pattern Baldness), is said to account for 95% of female hair loss. The other 2 causes or 5% is usually temporary and can be consulted to a doctor for medication. Alopecia is treated with products with 2% Minoxidil. If your case falls in the 5%, then your hair loss is temporary. Smile !