My Experience With Androgenetic Alopecia

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    Hello hello, just thought I'd let you know what my experience with female patten baldness (androgenetic alopecia) has been like. I've lived with this now for nearly a decade (actually gosh golly I think it has been 10 years now :eek:) It began when I was 21 years old. It has been a slow progressive thinning. Typically women with this type of hair loss experience a gradual diffuse type thinning, which had been true to what I've dealt with. I know often time women think that a diagnosis of female pattern baldness means that there hair is going to fall out over night, which is not the case. Some women may thin faster than others, but this is not the type of hair loss that results in immediate baldness.

    When I first started losing my hair I was convinced I'd be bald by 30, but I'm 31 one now and wouldn't ya know it, I STILL have hair on my head, albeit not the amount I'd like, but enough to get by.
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    androgenetic and rogaine

    Hi! I'm 29 now, and I've had thin hair all my life, and ever since college, the shedding really increased and I realized, I might lose my hair. Sure enough, last year I took a look at myself in the mirror underneath some heinous lights and realized- holy poo! that's a lot of scalp! And that's when I realized, my college fears were being realized and my hair was going faster than it was coming.

    I've been managing hypothyroidism since 23, so after joining whlp, I sought an endo, who did blood tests, but didn't seem to concerned about the hair loss. Finally, I've made my way to a derm who suggested that I might have androgenetic alopecia and that I should start on 5% rogaine.
    But on the rogaine box (generic) it shows a picture of a man with a distinct bald spot, not diffusely thinning hair... I'm wondering if I'm just throwing my money away.

    Also, I just have to mention this because I'm still upset about it. A couple of months ago, I baby sat for my aunt-in-law, and I had my sunglasses perched on my head, acting as a headband, in an apparently very unbecoming fashion because she very blatantly said, "it looks like you're getting that "Family Name" receding hairline." And I just looked at her and said, "Yeah, I know. I'm actually going bald."

    It's just so hard. Feeling like you're getting uglier and uglier everyday, and that not even your family is willing to look past your physical short comings, so who will?

    I guess I've gotten a little off topic. But is rogaine okay for female androgenetic alopecia?
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    hair transplant

    regain works but it sent my head into a case of bad dermatologist needed

    I am thinking of getting a transplant any ideas if this works for aa -
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    let me know if the transplant works. rogaine/ minoxidil sent me no flowers, and after using it for about 9 months, and not seeing anything positive as a result, I've thrown up my hands in frustration.
    please keep me posted on your treatments.
    have you heard about laser treatments? are those reliable?
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    I started noticing my hair thinning when I was 16. At 17 my grandmother bought me Rogaine. I used that religiously for 2 years, and really didnt notice a difference. At age 20, I started using Nioxin shampoo, and found that that helped to slow down the hair loss. I am now 30 and thankfully still have hair, but it is now very noticeable that I am going bald. I was diagnosed with FPB last year after getting fed up with my family dr not taking my hair loss concerns seriously. the man actually had the audacity to say to me "well, it could just be stress related, you do have 3 young children after all" :eek: moron. So anyways, Im hoping to get a consult with a specialist located in Philadelphia, and then go from there. I also am starting to look into transplants and other more aggresive forms of treatment/coverings.
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    Does the rogaine work I just do not know how to apply I have thinning all over , So how do you use it
  7. made

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    Can any one tell me if I should do Rogaine or not Can it help
  8. made

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    I have also gone threw this for 10 years off and on mostly on I just chalked it up to stress thats what eveyone tells you Now the doctor has confirmed I just do not know where to go from here They sey Rogaine what are you doing ?
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    There are many medicines for treating hair loss problem but i have heard that propecia reduces the hair fall problem and it improve the hair growth.
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    I've been using Rogaine 5% foam (mens) for about a year. I have diffuse thinning. I put a grape size amt. on my crown & 2 more in the hair above my temples. Sometimes I draw a line of foam down my part, as well. I massage it into the scalp. I do this most every morning before I get the kids up. I don't get around to showering until 9:30 or 10 so it has a few hrs. to absorb. I know it has helped w/ shedding, as well as, new growth. The new growth is finer & whispy, but it is hair! One thing I have noticed is some darker hair growth in the sideburn area onto my face...not good. But I'm also peri menopausal & not sure if it's the Rogaine or the hormones:confused:
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    Help please, i'm so unhappy. Has my pill got something to do with the hair loss?

    I'm on microgynon 30 and have been for years. I stopped taking it over a year ago then started it back up 6 months later. My hair loss started. I recently discovered i have minor PCOS. Is this related? Anyone suffered similar problems? No doctor seems to understand or want to help!

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    I did use Rogaine for about 2 yrs. and did find that it helped about 25%. My hair was basically thin on the top, so this what they recommended. It took about 3 months at least, maybe 4 for me to see any kind of results. I experienced no side effects, except that it made my hair feel and look greasy. I then started to use it only at night, so that my hair didn't look so greasy and that's when it didn't work as well. I finally stopped using it and of course what grew, all fell out. I've heard that it helps some people a little bit and others, not at all. My hair is now way to thin to even try it, not even sure why and that was over 16 yrs. ago. It sure doesn't hurt to try it.
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    Newly diagnosed

    I just wanted to say hello as I just found out my diagnosis last night. I guess I should be happy I found out before I lost all my hair, but this is a bit depressing.
    My doctor is going to put me on Spironolactone to see if this will help. I have been using Rogaine since last July, but I don't think I have seen much growth.
    I had pneumonia last May with a high fever for a week, which caused this problem to go into high gear. I was losing 200 hairs a day for about 4 months, which was a daily drain on my mental attitude. It is so hard when you have to count the hairs and to truly know how much you are losing.
    We did a punch biopsy(last month) on my scalp, which showed the shrinking of my follicles and the decrease of them. We also did blood work, which showed the DHT levels. I am sure all of you have similar experiences, so I hope my story isn't boring.
    I found the forum and thought this might be a good support group in this battle.
    If anyone has some input or advice, I would love it.

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    Where are all of the older ladies who still care enough to WANT some real hair left on their heads?? LOL, we're not dead yet, girls....I'm not!!

    I hear the gut-wrenching stories of people who are having this happen earlier and earlier... I'm beginning to think that people have evolved to the point where hair is completely unnecessary and WE are the trailblazers...aren't we lucky? Seriously, this is much worse - you don't ever see it in old novels or history books..."she lost her hair very early in life, and..."

    Well, I've got it!! I've got my Dad's male pattern - we both had strawberry blond hair that we continued to keep blond even as the snow white hairs moved in...and then we both thinned and thinned until you could see the freckles in our scalps...UGH!

    I'm going to post my regimen somewhere when I find the right spot, so keep looking for me, and PLEASE - - - I'm 62, girls, have been married 22 years to the man of my dreams, the love of my life, who is now 43. We are perfect together except he has a full head of Italian black hair, and probably won't even gray in my lifetiime. At least it's doing the typical receding thing but HE doesn't care...I'm the one who hates it when the wind blows my carefully combed hair, knowing that all the empty spots are now showing!!!

    Come on out, you middle-aged bombshells who still have those juices flowing that make you want to LIVE, be ACTIVE, and maybe together we can figure out what works for each of us to get there...even if it's an array of ultra gorgeous toppers, wigs, and hats!!
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    Hair Dx Genetic Test???

    Has anyone had a HAIR DX GENETIC TEST? From what I understand its supposed to test whether you have androgen sensitivity and whether Androgenic Alopecia is in your DNA. My doctor thought I had either chronic TE form anemia OR female pattern hairloss. After reminding him several times that I took a high androgenic birth control pill years ago when my hair nightmare started, he mentioned this test. And if it comes back positive, then means the patient has androgen sensitivity and Finasteride/Propecia treatment will help. I am frightened to think of taking this pill when a birth control pill could have caused this mess.

    Please any info on this test or Finasteride/Propecia??
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    Hi NYCGirlie,
    No, I haven't heard of the test your talking about, but it sure sounds good. I'll write more tomorrow, it's harder on my I-pad.
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    Hi Hope49,
    I'll write more tomorrow, but I'm 67 and not dead and hate my hair loss. I've not been on here for a while, just depressed over it and other things. I will write more tomorrow and fill everyone in on what I'm experiencing.
    Take care,
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    I was just diagnosed with androgenic alopecia which I guess is hereditary hair loss. I fixed my low iron ferritin but now a genetic test confirmed I have androgen sensitivty. So my guess is highly androgenic bcp caused this nightmare! I'm at the verge of needing something to conceal it. I plan to get a topper or wig and would like to try treatments while covering my hair. Is rogaine safer than finasteride? My doctor said I need an androgen blocker like finasteride but I have read some bad reviews and read that women in child bearing years should not take it beacuse it can cause birth defects. I have also seen a lawsuit (mostly men) who complain of side effects well after they stop using doctor said "its perfectly safe for long term use" and regarding kids, i can't take it "in the third trimester if pregnant with a boy". Please offer what has worked without major side effects....rogaine? spiro? laser therapy? Natural or dietary changes? Im desperate for help!
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    I don't know what kind of hair loss I have. It started falling out after going off birth control. It falls out evenly all over my head. What do you think?
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    I am not a doctor who can diagnose you but I do know from my own experiences and tons of research that certain birth control pills can cause hairloss, and it can continue even after you stop using it. It wont stop if you have androgen senstivity (also known as people in your family have hair loss so you are predisposed to it too) if you took a highly androgenic pill. Which one did you take? How long ago did you stop? I took a high androgen pill and now took a genetic test confirming I have androgen senstivity so basically my hereditary hair loss gene was triggered. BUT if you just came off birth control, I have read that it is normal to have shedding for 3-4 months while you hormones balance out