My Experience With Androgenetic Alopecia

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  1. A J P

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    I went off birth control 1 1/2 yrs ago. I've been losing hair ever since. I am now on 100 mgs spiro and it has slowed way down
  2. gabys mom

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    Hi I am new to this but I have used Rogaine for about 3 yrs and I can say it does little to grow new hair but mostly to stop the progression of further loss. I just saw a hair restoration Dr and am scheduled for hairline restoration on sept 1st. He also started me on oral Finasteride. And I have already been on spironlactone for a cpl.of yrs. To offset the androgenicity possibly from bcpills. I am 43 and have thinning in frontal and temple areas I am very excited about the new finesteride and about the restoration which i have talked to many women who have done this and are VERY pleased with outcome. Will let all know effects of finestaride and how the restoration comes out. This seems to be a great resource for lots of info on this very personal and painful matter.....Thanks! !!!
  3. NYCGirlie

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    Have you ladies experienced any side effects for Spiro or Finasteride?? I am TERRIFIED to take either one after doing some research on potential side effects, I plan to have children in the future and have read about possible birth defects (esp. in males) so I dont think it would be right for me
  4. A J P

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    Hi NYCGirlie, I am on 100mgs spiro and it has worked with no side effects. But if I were you I would not go on spiro if you are planning to get pregnant. I bet if you get pregnant your hair loss will stop. But i'm not a doctor. this is just my opinion.
    hope this helps!
  5. A J P

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    Also, I'm 52! Not planning on any kids!
  6. NYCGirlie

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    AJP that's why I don;'t want to take spiro or propecia. I plan to have a family (not tomorrow but maybe within the next 2-3 years) so I don't feel comfortable using that stuff! I agree I have no basis but I def think I'd get alot of hair back during pregnancy w/ the surge of estrogen! Im looking into natural alternative that have the same anti-androgen DHT block effect as spiro and finasteride w/o the side effects or at least that exit your system quicker and easier. Praying for an answer! Thanks for the input
  7. A J P

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    you are so welcome!
  8. sapharii

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    I was on birth control for 6 years. I took Ortho Nuvum, Ortho Tri Cyclin, Jolessa, Seaonal, and Seasonique. I stopped taking my last pill, the OTC, in March of this year, and but June I noticed a significant amount of hair loss all over. A gradual shedding which I am sure a lot of you are familiar with. Last month I went and got put back on the pill and they put me on Lutera, in hopes that it would lessen the hair loss or stop it. No luck, so far a month later, it's still falling out at the same rate and I am so afraid that I'll be bald by Christmas! I'm probably losing between 100-150 hairs per day and have been since May.
  9. megaoils

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    Most of the people are suffering from hair fall problem and I am one of them. Any suggestion for this.
  10. Dominique

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    Ladies I have been using Rogaine foam -Proscar 2.5 mg (same thing as Propecia but stronger) and a combination of vitamins and hormone therapy over the last 6 months . I have also had a hair transplant in the last year. Rogaine can have some side effects (different ones for different women) My experience with it has been successful, my hair from bang to crown is slightly thicker (I have baby fine hair and always have had it) It is breaking less and has more body now. As for the Proscar, only post menopausal women should use it (can cause birth defects in babies) but it have been my champion because while the Rogaine was helping my hair to grow, it was stopping the shed. I also researched and discovered how important ferritin levels were to keeping your hair as well as how important estrogen was to keeping your hair healthy and on your head. I have had a fair amount of success using all these in combination. AS to how to use Rogaine....make sure you only use the max amount that they specify (1/2 of cap sent with it ) any more can cause unpleasant side effects. I am very sensitive to it and get headaches use to much and can only use it once a day. As for the Hair transplant, My was moderately successful, would have been greatly successful but I experienced shock loss (women are prone to this with transplants) and don't know if that hair that was lost will return, therefore the transplant was possibly a mistake. But I have diffuse thinning all over and just wanted a thicker bang. Now my hair is thinner overall than before due to the shock loss but most of the hair grafts took! So there is hope out there but it has pro's and con's. You have to do your research and choose carefully.
  11. Jenewn

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    So I'm 37. Hairdresser at that. Found that my hair seemed to gradually be getting thinner afte I had my child November of 2011. I decided to get my very long hair cut back in sept of 2013 thinking it would thicken up a lot and well, it didn't. :( so then I thought something was up. I lose 60-100 hairs a day and found my hair all over the place. Got in to a derm last week. He did a biopsy and he says it says Female Pattern baldness. Androgen Alopeicia. Now what??? I do have Low Ferritin. It is 39. What are your thoughts. The nurse at the Derm said he would start me on Spiro, Rogaine twice a day and biotin 5000mcg. Is this what I'm in for? Could correcting my iron help me?? Please help.