My First Wig Experience

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    Angela, I was going to quote your post, and then realized I loved all of it, so I may as well just respond.

    I agree totally about finding some way to make the loss fun. I've recently been researching wigs, and when I do, I frame in my head that I'm looking for the hair that I was never lucky enough to have. Mine's been kind of difficult to manage, so part of the nice thing about getting a wig will be the opportunity to have a kind of hair that I maybe didn't have before. Do I want a little wave? Stick straight? Keep it short? The possibilities are endless.

    And re: Natalie Portman and 20-somethings ... YES. And I am so glad, too. An update on what is considered "feminine" is always good, IMO, so long as it helps more women feel validated in being exactly who they are.

    (Part of this thread was posted in another section but I felt it do well here. Thanks, Angela)
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    I always recommend to women who are searching for their first wig to take someone that they can joke around with and have a lot of fun with. Of course you would have to trust them too. Anyway, go to the Dollar Store or even Goodwill and get some props like funny hats, sunglasses and other interesting items to take to the wig shop and try on with the wig. Try on EVERYTHING! Even the old lady wigs. I would even say try those on first just for shits and giggles.:D
    You never know what is going to look fabulous on you (not the old lady wigs). Pin straight hair, curly, blond, red hair, brunette...the world is your oyster! I think having fun is the key to getting through such a tricky and emotional experience. Many women feel that if they go into a wig shop, that they are admitting finally that they have a problem with their hair and like they gave up on trying. Going in and goofing around the first time just helps to relax us to the *possibility* that we may need a wig. It doesn't have to be so final.
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    Great advice, as always! My boyfriend says that he'll go with me when I decide I want to try them on, and he'll try them on, too.:)

    I know I'll start with a traditional wig or topper, but I would really like to move to a full lace one, after I've gotten used to having something on my head all the time. I'm in the process of doing the research about bonding/vendors and all that jazz. The idea of being able to wear my hair UP in a wig is just ... well, I love it.
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    I remember my first wig shop adventure last Summer. I had driven by the place every day for 3 years and couldn't get up the courage to go in. Finally, I stepped in the door, alone. (because I never ever said anything to anyone about my HL, it was my "secret") I was scared to death and I was looking for a topper. She said that they only had a few stock pieces, so i tired those on. They were not right, but anyway. Then I asked her if i could try on a few wigs. She was sweet and I tried on about three wigs. Someone else walked in and I pretty much bolted out of the shop. I just could not handle anyone else knowing.

    The visit was a great experience for me because I realized that I needed to find the "right" solution and I loved the way I looked with hair, so I made the bold move to search and find and for the first time I talked to my husband about it. (did I really think he had not seen the bald spots?)

    It took me some time to get it all right and do research, but within 12 weeks I had my topper glued on my head. I am really happy that I made peace with myself and today I am a different, happy, well adjusted woman. My wig changed my life.

    Today I love my Wiggy/Topper.
    I am KAWAWA (Kicking Ass with a Wig Attached) in a Miss Piggy Karate Outfit.
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    Does anyone have a wig source in Washington DC that they'd recommend? Even if there's any new hair growth in my future, I'd like the option of "real" hair for the winter. Not sure I can shave to glue it on, but may experiment with lace attachment. Good golly, this is surreal.
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    Just joined last week and seeing if any updates on this topic. I'm going through my first experience shopping for a wig as well and would like to see if there are any recommendations. Been reading about bonded wigs and a bit puzzled still. Do most wig stores carry lace wigs and bonded wigs nowadays? I went to a wig shop and she just showed me a standard wig that was machine sewn around the seams but otherwise hand sewn. And any materials that I should watch out for?

    Thank you,
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    oohh scared

    How does the wig fit to your head? Does it make you hot and how do you wear the hair you have? What do you do? Any ideas where to go in Uk for wigs and who should i ask to go with?
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    Hi I am Kathy

    Hi evryone I sure hope somebody can help me 11 months ago my Daddy died 6 months ago my only Brother died my only Brother I should say.I have my Mom and my only sister and my husband all the women in my family have thin hair plus bald spots but after I lost my daddy and Brother my hair started coming out I had more on my pillow and in my hair brush then I did on my head mostly the crown.Recently I bought a Paula young wig it's a Brittany the same color as my own real hair but long with such pretty wavy curls down my back and I love it I now have three I hadnever before wore a wig but the freedom it gave me made me feel I could be out in the world again which I have been doing now for a month.:D
    However I found that even with a wig cap under my wig would sometimes slip I found this body adhesive called it stays very cheap it comes with a roller you just roll it on the front close to your hair line and the sides wher most ear tabs are and the very back and my wig stays put till I take it off nobody can just pull it off now can it just blow off in a heavy wind I love it and it is water soluable and just a tad of water gets it off your skin and a washcloth will wipe it off your wigs I always have it on hand and never run out.
    What I would really like to know I love Pauls young wigs and I want to buy a wig she has called Breeze # A2098 in the color of SF 13/16 Misty Mocha
    only problem I need a Petite and all she has is size Average I am a pretty small woman only 5 foot one and my weight is only 109 my question is does anyone know where I might find this wig for a cheaper price? I can get it for 39 dolars plus 8:95 shipping and handling I know that is not much money but for us it is we have many medical bills from me I hae had 5 back surgeries one neck surgery and just recent gal blader surgery I hae a heart problem that showed up just before my Daddy passed away so now I take heart pills everyday along with morphine time released as well as muscle relaxers and anxiety /lot's of stress and panic attacts I have drop food and hae to wear a foot and leg brace everyday to help me from falling all the time so my health is not very good my hair loss my doctor tells me I may keep losing what hair I do have he said it could come back some but he doesn't think so because of all my health problems :(All my wigs the three I have is synthetic and that is what this Breeze is so any help if you should know anything about it or something just like it from a different wig maker I would be very greatful sorry for telling you all about my health but I thought that may be the only way someone may be able to help me thanks for listenning and hope I get an answer soon thank you so much.Kathy.
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    Anyone that can help me please use the Quick reply Thankyou Kathy