My hair loss is driving me insane!

Discussion in 'Thyroid' started by misscourt106, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. misscourt106

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    I have been losing my hair for over a year and a half now and its making me nuts. I miss my long thick wavy hair! I've research thyroid issues for months now and I'm 99.99% that is where my hair loss issue is coming from. However I do not have health issue and do not want to pay out rages costs to get tested because I am unemployed. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    I luckily have a family and boyfriend who love me very much and they are very supportive. However, I feel less and less like the pretty girl they tell me I am because of my hair loss. I really want answers, but I'm not sure how to get to them.
    Any suggestions would be helpful! I'm glad there's people like me out there, at the same time....I wish none of us were having this problem!
  2. arjhay101

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    Try to use Aloe vera. It's highly debatable whether or not it will prevent or mitigate hair loss but it will certainly serve as a good scalp conditioner. Rosemary and sage will also help. It has be used historically in the Mediterranean region to treat hair loss, particularly in cases of alopecia. As with all baldness remedies, their ability to stimulate actual hair growth is questionable but this treatment is good for the scalp. It will also have a slight lightening affect on the hair.
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    Having a hair loss is never been that easy. Thank you for sharing this to us.
  4. celina22

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    It might due to the tablet which your are taking so such type of problem will be occurred due to it.
  5. DewayneWood

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    If you are fed up of hair fall treatment and want to get rid of it then you can go for hair extension. It will provide you heavy volume hair quickly and also you can select hairs of your choice.