my hair started growing back without using minoxidil etc! (aga+low ferritin hl)

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    [a quotation from my doctor: "if something is genetic, it doesn't mean that you don't have anything to do and can't reverse it"]

    hi ladies!

    from the very beginning of my journey with hair loss I've always dreamed of opening a thread under the title "sucess stories" or even create a blog and say "hey I got all my hair back look how thick and awesome it looks!" you know, just to give hope to other women struggling with that.

    okay the thing is I still havent got my hair back and it doesnt look awesome yet. but, I have some good news! although I was not planning to write anything here before I get all my hair back, I decided to give the news because I remembered how important it is to see some success stories and how the hope it gives make big changes to that person's life. so it is meaningless to wait for 3 months to give hope to someone.

    to start with, here is the summary of my story:

    I went to my derm 6 months ago, finally found one who cares about hair loss, who is into that subject and opposed to minoxidil and stuff just like I am. so at first she asked for blood tests, I mean a lot! I went to the check-up department and even doctors out there looked like wow! thats a lot! there was all kind of hormone tests, sex hormones, adrenal glands, thyroids even the antibodies etc. blood values like iron, ferritin, insulin, some vitamins etc. anyways, there was nothing wrong with my hormones, and other blood values except low b12, vitamin d, ferritin. then she listened to my story, looked at my hair and diagnosed me with aga+iron defficiency. when she said aga I was really panicked and she told me "dont worry at all, just that something is genetic doesnt mean that we have nothing to do" so the 1st part of my treatment started.

    she gave me biotin pills 2 times a day, 5mg each so I took 10mg of biotin everyday
    iron pills once a day: my ferritin was at 7s. you should take the pill at least 1/2 hour before breakfast, more effective if you take it with fresh orange juice(it is better than taking vitamin c tablets, natural is always better)
    inneov hair mass supplements 2 times a day: they have green tea extract
    a multivitamin: a simple one nothing special I guess
    B12 shots once a month: mine was really low like at 100s where it should be at least 500 for a healthy person, now its at 600s
    shen min solution: to put on my scalp everynight before going to bed. most of the times I had to wash it in the morning because it made my hair look a little greasy. but I liked it because it doesnt include stuff like minoxidil which makes your hair thicker just for the time you continue using that stuff and even worse after you stop using it. shen min includes more herbal substances to fight DHT like saw palmetto etc. you can find the ingredients if you google it
    as shampoo she gave me another product especially produced for people with aga but I didnt want to use it as I read lots of negative comments so I started using Avalon Biotin thickening shampoo, I really like it, it doesnt include SLS and it also gives volume

    so for 3 months I took those pills, had my shots and put shen min on my scalp. to be honest, even though I tried not to, there had been a lot of times which I skipped taking some of my pills for days, didnt use shen min for 2 weeks etc. but I took iron pills every single morning with orange juice, never skipped on that.

    anyways, after 3 months, I went to my derm. my hair was not looking good, it was looking even worse. she looked at my scalp with microscope and you had to see it, my strands were far far away from each other and my scalp was just clear and shiny and there was not even a single pore. She told me to continue with what I'm doing so I did. but at that 2nd period I've also changed some things in my life which I believe had contributed to the treatment.

    at those times, I was really depressed about my hair loss, I was spending %90 of my day thinking about it, searching stuff on internet.. then I litterally hit the bottom. I stopped going to school, didnt want to be seen by anyone, I was not even able to laugh at funny things or just smile because every single second I was thinking about my hair like "how can I be happy, how can I laugh at something, my hair has fallen out it is so thinned out, Ive aga and seen the pics on internet Im going to like one of those women Im hopeless how will I live like that?!" but hitting the bottom was actually good. It made me say "what the hell am I doing? Its obvious that I'm not going to avoid school forever, I will not hide from people forever, why would I skip life just because of my hair at my best ages when everything else in my life is so perfect? I dont deserve living like that and hey, it is also going to make my hair worse so I should stop acting so brainless and live my life while fighting with that problem".

    but of course I could not say those things all of a sudden. I got to that point when I realised that what I have may not be aga and especially when I found out that those commercials like "minoxidil and rogaine are the only...for genetic..." stuff are not so true! if its only about inhibiting DHT, then there are lots of natural DHT inhibitors and if you consume those things, but not like 2 times a week, just like how you take your medicines you can avoid DHT. but you should be as serious with it as you are with your meds, pills, shots etc. so I changed my eating habits and started to eat those food everyday, I was eating really healthy. I've always ate healthy food but I realised there was not any diversity in what I eat and I was not consuming enough. I also started yoga, which helped with blood circulation. especially that downward looking dog position haha:) I also did the nail rubbing thing which I believe works. I rubbed jojoba oil to my scalp to avoid sebum and also castor and coconut oil mixture from time to time(btw all my oils are 100% pure). I also stopped online research, worrying and thinking about my hair. now I was thinking about it at most %10 of my day and when I do it it was not like with panic and stress like it used to be, but more like with excitement about when it will come back. the most important thing was that: at first times, I was sure that it will not come back; now, I was sure that it will come back which also made my body believe it and started to take action. of course I was also doing all that other stuff my derm told me to do(pills, shots, shen min) then after 1 month my head started tingling, for the first time I was feeling like there is life on my head! and in 2 3 weeks the top of my head was covered with tiny little baby hairs, except the front part.

    but.. clever me.. it only lasted for 1 month. then my finals period started so I was studying a lot, there were millions of exams, homeworks, stuff to do.. I couldn't go on with that eating healthy, nail rubbing, yoga etc. I was not even able to sleep enough. but the only thing I was still doing was taking pills, shots, shen min and avoiding stress and believing it will grow back.

    so here are the results!!! I went to my derm last week, 6 months after the treatment all started. she looked at my scalp with that microscope again and TA-DAA!!:D there were tiny little hair everywhere on my scalp. at those places which I told were flawless, clear, shiny and without a single pore. now there are lots of pores even at the front sides. the new hair are very thin and small even when we looked at with microscope so it is impossible to see it with naked eye so I will wait for them to get thicker and grow longer:) when she first saw them the derm said there are two possibilities with aga, it may be miniaturisation or it may be new hair growing and for my situation they are new hair growing not miniaturisation!yayy!!

    now she changed my regimen. now I've stopped inneov tablets, she told me to take the iron pills 2 times a week but I wont listen to her and will take it everyday cuz I believe my new level which is 50 is still not enough. she gave me another multivitamin which is for hair to take everyday and gnc mega minerals to take once in every 2-3 days. she also asked me to stop using shen min cuz our body gets used to a product after using it for long time and stops responding it so it is better to change it with another solution. the new one is also good, the ingredients are pretty much the same. she also wanted me to consume lots of protein rich foods which is really important at that point. I'm eating 1 egg every morning and eat a lot of red meat, sometimes chicken and fish which is also important. I also rub coconut and castor oil mixture to my scalp once in every 3 days and wait for 6 hours then wash it out. now Im sticked to that regimen, I'm going to see her next month so I will give you the news!!

    as a result
    1)the first step of fighting with hair loss is addressing the problem. after you do it, the other step is finding the right treatment for you, once you do it you will get your hair back. and no matter of what there is a treatment just right for you, just dont stress out a lot and lose your hope till you find it
    2)if you have AGA it does not mean that you have nothing to do. without using stuff like minoxidil, it is possible to inhibit DHT and get your hair back.
    3)if you don't believe your hair will grow back, it will not grow back
    4)food, blood circulation and stress are much more effective on hair then we imagine

    btw if you have any questions I'm glad to answer:>
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    Yay! Congratulations, that's awesome :D Please keep us updated!
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    I will! thank you so much:)

    btw I forgot to mention that I've also seen an endo and a gyno during the last 2 months. my endo said there is absolutely nothing wrong with my hormones. my gyno on the other hand, looked at my ovaries with ultrasound and said I dont have PCOS but at one side there is cystic structure, still cant be counted as PCOS. She said I have too many eggs which produce many androgens but it is normal for my age and I can use a bcp for a temporary time if I like to. she said it is not a must since I dont have any other symptoms like acne or manly hairs on my body(like between my breasts, inside of my calf). I prefered not to use bcp because I've read many of you have hair loss because of them.

    I also want to stress on 3 other issues.

    first one is vitamin D. last month my family doctor said my vitD level can be counted as low even if it is between the ranges. so told me to take 1 oral ampoule once in every 2 months. vitamin D can also be essential for hair growth so you can also consider that.

    2nd one is celiac. During the last months I suspected that I have celiac since I have some symptoms and it also leads to hair loss. blood tests are also not very reliable so if you have any symptoms(can also be uncommon ones like geographic tongue or keratosis pilaris) I suggest you to try a celiac free diet for 2 weeks and observe your body just to make sure you dont have it.

    the last one is melatonin. well there are some scientific articles about the link between melatonin and hair loss. as you know, it is almost impossible to take enough melatonin from foods etc. and your body produces it only when you are sleeping in a dark room where there is not a single pencil of light. for 7 years, I've been sleeping in a room which never gets fully dark even at nights when my curtains are closed. and also for last 2 years my sleeping hours are so irregular so I'm pretty sure that my body isn't producing enough melatonin for last 7 years and it can also be effective on my hair loss. so now I'm going to change my curtains and buy black-out ones:)

    I will be really happy if I could help any of you any much:)
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    That's quite a story!! I've experienced a similar hair loss, and now see regrowth that looks thinner than my normal hair.. and I feel really worried that I definitely have AGA because of it now. I don't understand how your derm is sure that your miniaturized hair is not from aga but will turn into normal regrowth? I would love if that were the case for my hair too, but I worry thinner regrowth is always a bad sign. Please help me to understand the reasoning behind that :)
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    well I dont actually know, she just said that is the case and I believed:) but I guess its because the new hair I mentioned which are thin and small are not the ones which replace the present hair. they are growing at places where have been clear and shiny for a long time, approxiamately 1.5 years. so I dont think thats what miniaturization is. btw I heard that alopecia due to low ferritin can also cause miniaturization so your case doesnt have to be aga if your ferritin level is low.
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    could u give me the dermatologist's name and address??
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    unfortunately I dont live in States:(
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    Dear Mona,

    I have been searching to a solution without medication. Can you please send me the dermatologist's contact details????
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    Update Pls

    Dear Mona,

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. It really helps to read positive success stories such as yours because you have managed to combat, or at least temporarily halt, your hair loss via holistic methods that do not include taking hormone pills/topical minox. I also started losing my hair when I was around 20 and within 3 months lost more than half. I've gone through all the phases- the disbelief, the fear, the research obsession, crying, wishing, wanting, ...etc etc. But as of this year I changed my attitude to one that is stress free. I too now know, and believe in my heart, that my hair will come back (despite the fact that it has been 4 years and is currently falling like rain). So staying positive and believing is definitely key....If for nothing else, at least for my sanity.

    Was just wondering if you had any updates on your progress since you last posted in June? I also do yoga and live a healthy lifestyle for this reason. I tailor my diet to help with my hair. Could you share some of the foods you eat/don't eat which you believe helped your hair follicles to reawaken after being dormant?

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    I would love to know some of the foods you incorporated into your regimen, please. Just wanted to share with everyone that I have had good results taking Kelp Iodine and Black Currant Oil supplements. Best wishes!
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    Do you have any updates?

    It would be nice to hear about your progress, did your fefritin go up?
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    hi mona
    wha is ur current condition, does it work for men as well