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    Hi. I wanted to share my story in hopes that what I am going to try may help someone else. When I was 17 I went on birth control. I was on ortho tri. I never noticed hair loss, none. I always had long curly, very thick hair. In 2004 I wanted my beautiful curly hair to be chemically straightened. I went to a salon to have it done and my hair looked beautiful. Pinpoint straight. I loved it. Six months later I went back and had it re-touched. They put the solution directly on my scalp. The hair began to break off. They solution permanently changed my part. The way they parted it caused the hair to move in that direction. I was devastated, my wedding was in four weeks and all I could think about was my hair breaking. Months after I was still loosing hair at the root and hair was still breaking off. I decided to chop it all off. About the same time I decided to switch from ortho to yasmin. I didn't do my research, and thought, loose weight, feel better, great. My hair continued to thin at a very slow rate. I blamed the thermal straightening. I went to see doctor after doctor. They would laugh at me. You have a ton of hair. Well maybe a ton for you, but not for me. I even spent hundreds of dollars and flew to see the very well known hair doctor Vera Price. She made me feel horrible. I showed her a picture of my curly hair and she said anyone could make their hair look like that, it is a picture. I tried to explain that this is what my hair looked like two years ago. She said I had genetic hair loss. Ummm no one in my family, going back three generations on both sides, have hair loss. They all have thick, thick hair.

    I continued to blame the straightening. I stayed on the yasmin not thinking it could be the cause. In 2005 I was hit by a drunk driver going 95 miles an hour. I was ejected from the car, and was really, really hurt. I was put on strong pain meds, and in the hospital. People would tell me that I was lucky I wasn't dead. Funny thing I could care less about all my broken bones, all I did was worry about my hair!

    In 2004 my husband's sister was brutally attacked by a man. She was in a coma. In 2008 my husband lost his job, and shortly after I was accused of something at work I didn't do. I was written up by my sexist boss and pushed around. I couldn't quit because my husband didn't have a job.

    Needless to say you look at this history and every doctor wants to blame stress. They said what I have been through is very difficult and they said this is why I have no hair. I don't believe them. My hair continues to thin, I loose hair at a normal rate, however, nothing grows back. That is the problem. And if nothing grows back, then it doesn't matter if you are loosing a normal amount.

    I have done research after research. Years and years of studying doctor's websites. I even took a science class at the University that specialized in endocrinology. You would think it would have given me answers but no, none.

    All the doctors say, get off of birth control and your hair loss will be worse. Well maybe....

    When my husband's sister was in a coma she died. The doctor's pronounced her dead at 11:12pm. We went in and said goodbye. They left her on life support for the organ donations. The next morning we can back and the doctor said a miracle had happened. Around 4am in the morning, the oxygen levels increased and her brain began functioning. No one could explain it, the doctor's didn't believe it. It took a year to come out of the coma. She still has a difficult time, but she is doing well. My point I guess is the body does miraculous things. And it heals. The more research I did, the more I realized that if the hair loss is from genetics, then there might not be a way. But, if the cause is unknown and it is thinning all over, there has to be a way. And if you can find the cause you can heal from the hair loss.

    When I was on all of my pain meds, very high doses. I was told I would always have to take them. My body became very addicted. So, instead of just stopping, I took one year to wean myself off of the pain meds. I never went through withdrawal and I never had any problems. Every doctor I spoke to said I had so much in my system that I would never be able to come off, my body was too addicted. I even saw a very famous pain doctor who said the same.

    So, I guess I am ready to do the same with the hair loss. If I am loosing hair all over, t.e., as the biopsy said, then there is a cause. It wasn't male pattern baldness. So, it has to be the yasmin. Even though every doctor would disagree. I am going to wean myself from the yasmin. I am going to take six months and wean myself down. Cutting the pills, even though you are not supposed to. If the body can be weaned off other meds with no side effects than why not do the same with this.

    I read all of the stories on this website and you are all amazing. My hair loss had been devastating. I can't even describe it. In a world that is so focused on beauty, it is something hard to loose. I will update you with how this goes. I am going to up all my vitamins, take biotin, try to stay stress free, eat a very healthy diet, no sugar, and wean myself off of the yasmin. If it works, yeah! If not, I will try something else. I have worried about this for so long, it is making it worse. I still have 25% of my hair left. I have to focus on that.

    Take care. Keep believing.
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    I cant believe I was feeling sorry for myself! Be proud of how positive you are!

    I was very like you blaming the straightning and bleach and the changing of colours! but my friends were all doing the same and theres was breaking at ends mine was thinning at the scalp when I tied my hair back. Like you Im going to be taking multi vitamin supplments (contains biotin and folic acid) eating plenty of protein and excercising. Last christmas I worked out 4 times a week and drank plenty of water through this time, there was a great difference in how my hair looked and felt! Ive looked on numerous websites and they all seem to point to the same direction - eat and live healthy. Head massages are also great get one of those head forks off ebay they de-stress and help growth. if at first u dont succeed try and try again!!

    The birth control pill is a funny one I really cant work out if it does make a difference but i will certinly be finding out. Im on microgynon.

    keep trying hun - everyone is different and if u want any help please ask me x
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    Dear carlz1983,

    Thank you for your kind words. I am trying so hard to be positive. Tonight we went out and when I came home and looked in the mirror, I shed some tears. It is just so frustrating. Why, why, why????

    But I look at some of these girls, shaving it all off and starting from scratch. I cannot believe how brave they were and I have to be mad at myself for being upset. They had the courage to start again.

    I don't know either about the birth control. This is why I want to try something that very few have tried. I know with other medications you have to slowly slowly wean, so your body readjust with the medication. Eventually everything catches up. I keep dying my hair blond to avoid my scalp standing out and that helps. Tonight though you could really see my scalp and that was hard. It didn't matter which way I parted my hair.

    Please let me know how you are doing. This is a wonderful support system!

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    I just went off of BCP. I have been off of them for 4 1/2 months now. I started on them when I was 19 and now am 46. I've started shedding hair like a winter blizzard. After lots of research, I'm finding that I was on a high androgen potency BCP (Nordette) which can throw you into pattern baldness when you go off of it.
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    It's funny, but I never considered shaving my hair off as a brave thing. I actually did it because I was too chicken shit to stick it out and do something more. I found that shaving it all off was easier to live with than dealing with hair constantly falling out. Back when I first started shaving it, I only wore a wig. I would never let anyone see me without it, and it was only last year (five years from the first time I shaved) that I actually allowed others to see me that way. It took a long time.
    I admire women who against all odds, hold out for hope. I wish I was actually brave enough for that. I never was. I still am not. If, as my hair grows in, it takes a turn for the worst and I can't do a damn thing with it, and the concealer is no longer a help, I will most likely shave it off again.
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    Amazing post. Please keep us updated on how you're doing.
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    Angela, you are the one of the people that helped me. I was always crying and obsessing about my hair. I would always ask why, why, why. When I read your posts, and your site, I thought you were really brave. I could have never done that. I think if I had four strands on my hair I would leave them. I understand about wearing a wig. As my hair thinned, I wanted to cover it with a something.

    There is a wonderful site out there, yasmin survivors. I think for the birth control yasmin, if you are loosing hair, and you stop this pill, your hair grows back. However, if yasmin helped your hair loss, and you stop, you will loose hair.

    For those of you experiencing hair loss from yasmin, you should visit the site. It gave me so much hope. There are so many success stories, and explanations on how the girls were able to re-grow their hair. At first I was going to wean myself off of yasmin. While I was searching for problems with yasmin withdrawal, I came across this site, I read all of the stories. I decided to just stop taking the pill. I know I could get TE, but I am going to hang in there. I promised myself no matter how hard it gets, I am not going to go back on it. Many of the girls on the site said it takes a year, for everything to readjust. There were too many success stories to not believe this might work. We will see what happens...


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