my life long battle with hair....

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    Can I just say what a fabulous forum and so happy to talk to toher people about my daily hair problems thought I was a very small minority how wrong was I?

    well I really dont know where to start but usually from the beginning helps!!

    Since I was about 19 I noticed my hair getting thinner and thinner when all my friends were straightning their locks I did the same noticing that mine was like a sheet of paper when I did it!!! It was nuts but jus thought of it as my natural hair. My mum sed to me one day, ur hair looks really thin it used to be so thick!! And it did... either that or it was always thin and just had more of it. I forgot about it for a little while and jus tried not to straightn my hair tying it back every day.

    One day last year my friend was doin my hair for a night out and noticied how thin it was. tied back it was the width of a 5p coin. so thin n horrible. I also then began to take more notice... I found when tying my hair back there was ptahces where u could see my scalp!! In changing toom where u could see the back of your hair I could see the back of my head and jus a few wisps of hair covering it. I wanted to cry so much all time but didnt jus tried to think right what Can i do to make this right?!?

    well Ive treied everything there is to try!!
    nanomax - makes ur hair virgin again apparently!! cost me 60 quid and although my hair was slightly healthier after it, problem still here
    vitamins - really help the growth but not the thickness
    expensive shampoos and conditioners
    head massages
    cutting it short and starting again

    Im honesly at a loss and do feel like crying when doing it and going out is a battle of confidence, especially having such attractive long thick haired friends!!!

    One of my friends mentioned that the contraceptive pill can make ur hair thinner. Now this is new to me?? is this new? what can I do???Ive been on it since I was 15 and at the moment im on microgynon. I would really appreciate any feedback and if youve read this thanks for listening to me moan. Ive not actually spoke about this before and it feels kinds good to get it off my chest :rolleyes: