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    I've been trolling this site for a while never adding input because I never had any but I guess I now I do. Two years ago my hair started falling out. I freaked out looking for answers. I was diagnosed with pcos with very slight barely elevated testosterone. They but me on bcp and 200mg of sprio. No difference. But over a month ago I started taking a new regimen which has basically made alllllll the difference. First I cut out the bcp and started taking 50mg of sprio, iron, msm, and biotin every 8 hours (with food). And literally it all stopped and started filling in. My temples look so much better and when I tug around them to see if I'm still shedding no hair comes out. Don't give up, there are answers and solutions you just have to keep looking until you find them.
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    I'm open to any questions you guys might have so ask away :)
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    Thank you for posting. Why is msm and why did you start taking it?
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    What made you decide to do this every 8 hours? Thanks