my profession does not support wig wearing, advice?

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    This is my first personal post. I am not currently wearing a wig, but I will have to. I have hair loss due to hypothyroidism/synthroid use, and the last 3 years has been the worst or most in hair shedding. There has been no help or even viable advice from the doctors, as many of you have experienced as well. So, with no cure in sight, my future is baldness or wigs.

    Here in lies my additional problem, as if being a bald woman was not horrific enough. I work in fitness. I teach aerobic classes, personally train individuals, and work on the wellness floor. How can I possibly teach with a wig? I get extremely sweaty, my head is upside down, and all around.

    Does anyone have preemptive advice? I considered just being the bald girl, but let's be honest, it puts people off and I'm already self conscious to begin with.
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    Look into the Follea Gripper. I'm no expert and am only beginning to research options myself but came across that line in my searching. There's a video of a woman wearing the gripper flinging her head up and down and all over the place. It's a high quality line so I doubt they come cheap but 'gripper' may be a strong advantage in your line of work! Good luck.
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    Yes you absolutely CAN wear wigs while working in a Health Club environment! Try a FULL LACE wig, bonded with a glue like "Vapon No Tape"... You can even wear it UP! Here are some pics of me in some I've worn over the years...

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