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    Hi ladies!!
    I have been a frequent visitor of this community not posting but just hovering around looking for success stories and hoping i'd be one to post a success story soon.
    Please excuse my english or any vocabulary mistakes as i'm a foreigner.
    Well here"s my "success" story so far as i pledged to God that i will help others going through the HAIR LOSS NIGHTMARE anyway possible if mine stopped falling.
    I always had a beautiful head full of hair and i was always praised in school and college for having such beautiful hair (i graduated from med school last yr and am 24 yrs old right now),so you can all understand how broke i was when i first saw a bald patch on my crown when my sis took a picture of mine under the sun.
    Having all that said i must tell you ladies that i had frequent episodes of hair loss when i noticed i was losing more hair than usual days.But having all my hormones checked and having no family member with balding issue i can easily attribute that to all the crash diets i went through when i was a teenager.Yeah talk about being a Doctor and being a fan of crash diets…..phewww…..NEVER AGAIN I LEARNT MY LESSON.
    Anyways even with those episodes i had enough hair on my head to get strangers attention and having compliments about my hair.I never actually took care of my hair….no oiling no multi vitamins no nothing as i usually saw other girls doing.So its pretty much clear i took every strand on my head for granted and never thought it would be ever taken away from me.:(…….
    MY hair were always my best thing…..until last year….when i finished college and moved to a different country.I was supposed to be home for a year as i was studying to get my license exams for practicing medicine when i thought hey am going to get that size zero that i always wanted.Bad Bad idea……started working out like crazy…..would do 2 hrs cardio everyday…..would not eat potatoes,anything wheat based,sugary food or drinks…fried foods….or literally anything more than fruits or veges.I have only 2 modes in my life… extreme at something or being null….there is no in between for me.
    Not a good thing to boast about as after 4 months or so i started noticing my hair getting really limp n thin….did not pay much attention….and then finally the hair loss started… i got to see a bald spot as i mentioned before.
    I was devastated……browsed the net and found a few home remedies like essential oils mixes etc and started applying 3 times a week telling myself it will all be fine soon.
    but it wasn't…..nothing changed hair fall continued and i started seeing more scalp then usual under really bright lights.
    I got really depressed….talked to my sis and she pointed out the SHITTY diet i was on.I was on denial….did not listen to her….and thought about seeking medical help.Hence came rogaine…..i thought its fine i will use it for the rest of my life if i have to as long as it will help keep my hair on my head and not in the drain.Started applying twice a day as mentioned.First month was really good even i felt my hair loss becoming less and less drastic plus i also got no side effects of itching burning etc.But then came the 2nd month and my hair started falling like crazy…..
    i was panicked n flipped….never saw that much hair coming out… literally running my fingers through would get me 10 strands in my hand.I knew they said that it happen to some people and you should always wait it out cause it might be temporary but hey tried to wait it out for 3 weeks….it did not stop and i was beyond depressed….crying in the shower…afraid to touch my hair….even stopped working out….and then i also started to have that terrible pain in my scalp….where i would feel someone is pulling my hair even if they weren't in a ponytail.
    That was the time i stopped rogaine cold turkey and got my blood work done.
    Everything came back normal but my ferritin and vit D were really low.Ferritin was 30.So i prayed to God and asked for his forgiveness and cried and told HIM how much i am sorry for being bad to my body for trying to get that super skinny figure.I started eating right….veges fruits were always a part of my diet but now i started incorporating meat as well.
    Started to drink as much water as i can.and started a multi vitamin regime where i would take 1 tab multivit + 1 fish oil + 1 vit D tab in the morning
    ! tab of vit D in the evening with food
    ! tab iron before bed
    Plus i also started applying fresh onion water on my scalp which really helped with the burning and pain in scalp.
    Now ThankGod my hair stopped falling.I am so grateful to God…..i hope if i continue like this i will have my hair back.The good thing is that nobody seemed to notice much abt my hair loss and i just pray that no one ever does.
    And one more thing……i have read that a million times how you ladies experienced unsympathetic doctors and i really know why i will never be one of them.Having gone thru this whole nightmare i know for sure that i will always know what it feels like and i will always do all i can to help my patients out.
    My scenario was a combo of bad diet and stress(i were studying really hard for my exams).
    Once again thank you so much for sharing your stories.
    I am open to any query so please ask if you have any.

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    Thank you for this :)
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    Your story is so similar to mine....I'm sorry :(
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    Glad to hear that your hair loss situation has improved. Just a quick question what is onion water?
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    Fatima, I am very happy for you and glad that your faith in God helped you find the answers you needed.
    Aside from your diet and stress, wasn't it also the low ferritin levels that attributed to your hair loss? Or do you consider the other 2 factors the reason for the low ferritin/ iron absorbtion levels?
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    Fatima: I'd really appreciate communicating with you. Please let me know if you are still an active member of the Women's Hair Project Network. Thank you.