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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Naad, Feb 18, 2013.

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    Hello girls,

    First of all I want to mention that English isn't my native language, I'm from a country somewhere in Europe, so there might be some weird sentences, I hope you won't mind. I've always promised myself that I would tell my story at least on one forum if it got better, because I myself spent hours and hours on discussion boards when I was dealing with hair loss, and most of the time I was really freaked out about the fact that there were so little success stories. That really made me think that my situation would never get better.

    My hair loss started in August 2010 at the age of 20 after I came off the birth control pill Yasmin. One day I was in the shower and noticed strands of hair sliding down my body into the drain. Needless to say, I was very shocked and upset. In the following months my hair got really, really thin, especially at my temples. The hair comb was so full of hair after a shower and my hair was everywhere around the house. My hair really looked flat and thin, and I tried everything to get it to look normal.

    The physical appearance wasn't the worst, however. The fear that it wouldn't get better was. So I spent whole days surfing the internet for solutions. I think I've tried every vitamin and herb in the book that was associated with hair loss. They did nothing but getting my hopes up and back down again.

    The first year and a half of my hair loss were the worst. After that, my hair loss still wasn't normal but it became less and less. There would be periods however, when it was bad again. The last 6 months I can say that my loss has returned to normal again. The hair that I lost all came back, and even though my hair is still somewhat thin (I have long hair so it takes a while to grow it), it has all returned to normal.

    So my hair loss lasted for about two years. When looking back, trying all the different supplements was a waste of my money and got my hopes up for nothing. I wish I had read some more stories telling me to wait it out and telling me that it does get better. Of course I can't judge your individual situation, but time and a healthy live style was all that was needed for me to get better. The one thing I'm glad I know now is that I will never, I repeat NEVER, get on birth control pills ever again. This forum is about hair loss but it did some other things to my body and mind as well, and I think it is just pure evil (at least for me it is!).

    For all of you who have just started battling hair loss due to birth control pills, hang in there! :> And please share your story when things clear up for you. :)
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    Congrats! Really happy to hear some positive's encouraging because after a year or so we start getting hopeless. I do agree that most supplements, especially those targeting HL are all a scam.
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    This is amazing to hear! I've been losing my hair for around 18 months after stopping the pill, and am doing exactly the same as you were (trying every supplement under the sun!) so thank you.
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    Thanks for sharing a good news story! I am really happy for you. It is such a difficult thing and it is such a long road.

    My question to you is about the condition of your scalp through this. Any skin changes, scaling, sebum balls/plus (grit), inflammation, redness, etc. etc?

    I came off birth control ages ago (eight years), so I think I have to search for other causes. Nevertheless I am interested in any other symptoms you had on the scalp.