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    Hi! I have been reading this forums for a while now, trying to find information that would make sense in stopping my hair loss. It is time for me to share what has worked for me.
    I am 43 yo, healthy, with no family history of hair loss. 3 years ago my hair started shedding more then usual and resulted in loosing more then 50%. As it got thinner I had to cut it shorter so it would look decent. It was mid way to my back, now it is shoulder length. Several weeks ago I went to doctor to do thyroid test. No problem there. Doc send me to derm. Derm tested iron and checked for lupus and some other diseases that could cause hair to fall out. Tests came back good. I was diagnosed with alopecia, given prescription of men's rogaine, viviscal and biotin. Derm wants me to come back in few month for checkup. If this does not work, next step would be to get on spironolactone, a blood pressure medicine. If that does not work get on propecia. All medicines I would have to use for the lifetime with no guarantee they would work and accept the side effects that they come with.
    Oooohhh, my.... It just did not sound good. After reading about Rogaine experiences I am not ready to to start using rogaine, not even to mention other meds.
    But I have been using for last 1.5 years different natural solutions. I last 2 weeks my hair shedding when washing my hair has gone down from about 150 to 30. That makes me happy! I am glad I had blood work done to check for serious medical conditions and to know my iron and ferritin levels. Ferritin is 52 iron is 92.

    This is what I found that works for me -

    First, let me go back 9 years when I had a lot of hair falling out and no hair growing due to stress. I found that vitamin supplement Shen Min helped me to stop loss and regrow hair. I get it from I used it for few years and then stopped after my hair got back to what I was used to. When current hair loss started I went back to Shen Min. You have to use it for 4-6 months to start seeing difference. This time new hair started growing, but hair loss did not stop. I started researching more.
    Ruling out different causes, it started to point to nutrition and gut health. All our illnesses start in our gut. Healthy hair growth depends a lot on animal protein we eat. I included red meat in my diet and make sure I have animal protein every day. I used to be a vegetarian for about 10 years 25 years ago, then ate meats except red meat till last year. Don't eat it often if you don't want , but do try to eat at least some every week and get grass fed organically raised with no antibiotics. I recommend you read R. F. Schmid, N.D. book Traditional Foods are your Best Medicine. It will be eye opening.
    I got me a better juicer and started juicing more.
    I researched on essential oils and created scalp elixirs that I apply every night and believe that it is what makes the shedding go down.
    I make my own shea butter mix with essential oils that I put on scalp the night before I will get my hair washes. it is also good on skin as a cream.
    I did buy viviscal and am starting my second week. It is too early to tell what it will do, but hopefully it will make a positive impact.

    Supplements that I use and are working for me:
    Cold pressed cod liver oil. It is important to get it cold pressed I use Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/Fermented cod liver oil blend.
    Shen Min
    Vitamin C 1000 mg twice a day
    Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother 2tsp in 8oz of water
    Viviscal (just started)
    Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg/3 times p day
    Biotin 5,000 mcg / 2x day

    Iron Ferrous Fumarate 18mg about every other day

    Eat grass fed beef as often as possible since it contains nutrient that is needed which grain fed beef does not contain. (read that book).
    I want to included vitamin B complex.

    Hair routine:
    Elixir for hair shedding- nighttime treatment for alopecia from The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by V. Worwood:
    4oz Apple Cider vinegar,
    20 drops Carrot oil,
    10 drops rosemary oil.
    Take 1 tsp dilute with 1 tbl cold water, and massage in scalp before bedtime.

    Shea butter mix for hair -
    4 oz unrefined shea butter,
    2 oz coconut oil
    Essential oils 10 - 15 drops each.
    I use essential oils that are for alopecia, there are many oils for different conditions. If you have dandruff, oily hair...etc you can use ones that work for you. I use jojoba, carrot, rosemary, lavender, lemon, palma rosa, clary sage.
    Melt Shea butter and coconut oil (look on youtube there are many videos on how to make it). Add essential oils. Whip with mixer on high speed for about 20 min or until whipped like a butter consistency. Use before washing hair by massaging in scalp and leaving there 30 min to overnight.

    I wash my hair with natural shampoos, often I have some that I add essential oils to stimulate hair growth. I have a bottle of Nioxin that I use periodically.

    Henna has been a big improver of my exiting hair. I started using henna about a year ago and my hair strands has gotten much healthier, stronger, shinier. Make sure you use real henna which is green powder and smells like grass. Look on line for how to use it. There are different mixes for different colors. An easy one to use is Rainbow Henna because it comes premixed for different colors. I strongly recommend to consider henna. It is time involved, but all natural, not expensive and results are great especially over time.
    I am looking into using amla as I am reading it is very beneficial for hair.

    To summarize:
    Eat clean - ditch processed food and cut back sugar.
    Eat animal proteins every day.
    Take care of your scalp by conditioning it with shea butter mix and AC vinegar & essential oils elixir.
    Take supplements.
    Exercise at least 30 min daily (walk, if nothing else) to get your blood flowing.
    Use Henna to condition/color your existing hair strands. Stay away from chemical hair colors.

    Hope this helps someone. If I think of anything that I forgot, I will add it.
    Take care!
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    Hi YOLO,

    Awesome post! I am in the same boat as you with going a natural route, well until I can't any longer.

    I am planning on getting pregnant soon, can I take Shen min with preg? I ordered some last week and now that we've decided to have one more child I am going to do everything natural until after delivery and breast feeding. Then I may have to consider spiro :(

    Short story: waiting on biopsy, I have short hairs falling out now, noticed thinning about a year ago, but had a large TE shed that's started in aug13, then a failed pregnancy in oct13 and now I'm just at a loss why my hair is isn't growing back properly or fast enough, seems like everyday gets worse. Very sparse at the bak of my head and vertex. On top too but my part doesn't look any wider, just sparse. I use natural shampoo and lotion to start up the hair cycle again and now I am using the igrow helmet lllt. Started saw palmetto too this week.
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    Hi Linwt! Since Shen Min affects hormones I don't think it is a good idea to take it if you are trying to get pregnant. The best would be to check with your doctor.
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    Hello again,

    Day by day my mind changes, my route of remedy changes, everything, man, what a bloddy rollercoster of emotions. You just want the right path and plan, but it's all test and trial and so far, nothing.

    I actually returned everything. My mind is in the "nothing" works, there is no cure mode right now.

    Just doing my scalp hair cycle shampoo, some natural lotions and the laser cap.
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    Pre Menopause?

    Update -

    I have had some success and some slipping back to continuous hair loss. One of my friends said " You are going through pre menopose and that is whay your hair is falling out. Go to doc and do a simple hormone test to see".

    I am 44 years old and a light bulb came on in my mind! Researching about pre-menopause I found out that women who are ages 30-50 most likely are in pre menopause stage. Most women experience premenopause symptoms. I have a yearly OBGYN appointment this week and will ask my doctor to do the test.

    Just some of the symptoms of premenopause are (caused by hormone imbalance) some subtle and some not-so-subtle:

    • tiredness
    • weight gain
    • hair loss
    • hot flushes (at night or at day, or both)
    • memory loss

    It will be great to diagnose the correct reason for hair loss!
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    Funny, I've been trying to tell my GP that I feel like I'm pre-M for years now, the night sweats that I have gotten for years is UNBELIEVABLE... but I am only 32 now, and I just found out I'm pregnant with our last baby.... So I'm happy, at least I'll get my last pregnancy good feelings for the next nine months.

    I wish you luck on this journey, you seem too young for menupause, but it will come eventually.

    Lots of people I know are going for full hysterectomies lately and you should see their hair ... BEAUTIFUL. WTF! Some are blessed, some are not : (
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    Great post YOLO. I'm also trying to keep things as holistic as possible.
    ME: 35, healthy, paleo + full fat yogurt type diet, run about 25-30 miles/week, normal blood work, no health issues, all over baby fine hair my whole life that started getting thinner in the last few years.

    MY REGIMEN: Montana emu oil shampoo + conditioner, or Griffin Remedy line shampoos + conditioners. I take Bio Nutrition Healthy hair with biotin 10,000 plus (no idea if this is a good brand or not), About 2 weeks into Viviscal tablets and use the shampoo/cond here and there, Bluebonnet Ultimate hair & nail formula, and currently on a prescription of Spiro 150mg. I dabbled in rogain mens, but ultimately I'd like to avoid that since I can only assume it is chemical ridden and you have to stop taking it if/when you get pregnant.

    *Spiro: thinking of phasing out. It's been 7 months gradually upping my dosage from 50mg to 150mg and all it's done is make my period very heavy (still regular + just after the new moon), give cramps where I had none really before, and I'm pretty sure it's lowered my sex drive a lot (which was very high before), sex also hurts. hair improvement: maybe less shed, but nothing to write home about. I might finish the last two refills of 150 and see what happens....[/QUOTE]
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    I am experiencing painful sex as well. Can't tell if it is from the Spiro or not. Too afraid to stop taking it. Was sex painful before you took it? Did you go to a gyno to see if she could find anything?
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    Hey Alicia,
    I went recently and had a pap, and am waiting for results. The doc said he could feel that there was some pressure/tension. I only see my boyfriend once a month since it's long distance, but by next week I'll know if it still hurts.

    Apologies if this is too explicit, but basically it feel like there's not room, or he's hitting my organs... and I've had enough partners to know that that isn't normal for me. It's to the point where I don't want to have sex sometimes because it's not fun, which makes him feel bad :(. Maybe it's just the relationship, maybe I'm just not into him, but generally I don't have issues with sex drive. Are you experiencing the same sort of thing? How much spiro are you taking? I'm taking 100mg. Nothing else drastic in my routine has changed, and I'm an extremely healthy and active person.
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    Hey trudy19

    Im taking 100 mg as well. Too afraid to go up a dosage do to potassium levels, ect. The pain I feel is more of a burning sensation. Mostly after intercourse when I use the bathroom. I also have to force myself to get intimate with my husband do to a real lack of interest. I did some digging and found something you should probably look into as well. It is call vaginismus.
    Vaginismus, sometimes spelled vaginism, is the physical or psychological condition that affects a person's ability to engage in any form of vaginal penetration, including sexual intercourse, insertion of tampons or menstrual cups, and the penetration involved in gynecological examinations (pap tests). This is presumed to be the result of an involuntary vaginal muscle spasm, which makes any kind of vaginal penetration—including sexual intercourse—painful or impossible. While there is a lack of evidence to definitively identify which muscle is responsible for the spasm, the pubococcygeus muscle, sometimes referred to as the "PC muscle", is most often suggested. Other muscles such as the levator ani, bulbocavernosus, circumvaginal, and perivaginal muscles have also been suggested.[1]

    Someone with vaginismus does not consciously control the spasm. The vaginismic reflex can be compared to the response of the eye shutting when an object comes towards it. The severity of vaginismus, as well as the pain during penetration (including sexual penetration), varies from person to person,

    Now, I don't know if Spiro can cause this or not but apparently you can develope this at any point of any time of your life. People who describe it say it feels like they are "hitting a wall". There are various forms of it. I say you should check it out and research it for yourself.
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    I apologize if anyone got offended by my last post. I just wanted to help out by doing a copy past from a different medical site. But, hey. We are all women here, right?;)
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    Thanks Alicia for all the info. I don't think anything is too much when we're women on the subject of hair/hormones/side effects. I don't think my issues quite match the condition you described...although...maybe... Oh darn. Well I hope not anyways.
    Thanks again for your info, I'll keep this all in mind and ask my doctor next appointment.