nausea-- from iron?

Discussion in 'Iron' started by Elissa, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Elissa

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    Just wondering if anyonehere has experienced nausea from taking iron. I had been taking iron since march with no problems, but when I started taking it on an empty stomach instead of with a meal, it's around the same time I started having issues with waves of nausea .. Not sure if it's a coincidence. I have other health issues and stuff going on, but my doc and I are trying to see if it could be related to the iron. He wants me to stop taking it for a few days to see if the nausea goes away.

    Just curious if anyone else here had nausea as a side effect of iron.
    Thanks for any input!
  2. Elissa

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    Hi patti-

    Than kyou so much for responding! Okay-- so it's not only me who has the nausea? It's so weird because it didnt happen until recently so I wasnt sure if it was from me taking it on an empty stomach. I am stopping the iron for a few days to see if the nausea goes away. So far today I had no nausea! So I wonder if I will just have to take it with food from now on.. though I know that inhibits absorption.. I can't win! :p

    In other news.. my health has been shakey .. I have a lot of stuff going on because of my adrenals and now I am having issues with my thyroid medication (Armour) and I need to switch. So many med changes are NOT fun. And I know all of these hormone changes can trigger hair loss so I am very scared. We'll see. I am trying to hang in there! My doc said the adrenal insufficiency treatment can take a long time and the thyroid situation kind of halted that.. so we have to take care of my thyroid now. meanwhile I am now on Hydrocortisone, DHEA, and switching thyroid meds! too much.

    Thank you for your support sweetie-- you are the best!!!

    *HUGS HUGS HUGS* I hope you are doing well!

    p.s. go look what I wrote on the DHEA thread on the forum.. I gave a little update there.
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    i have had stomach upset from taking iron on an empty stomach and so I try to take it with non-dairy food or between lunch and dinner. I defintiely cant take it on an empty morning stomach. i think my doctor actually warned me about this when I started taking iron as well and said that nausea is a common side effect of taking iron.
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    Taking iron supplements without the prescription or higher amounts may cause nausea.
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    After some blood tests, my doctor informed me that I'm a bit anemic (sp?) and prescribed me an iron supplement. I was warned that it would cause nausea and that I should take it before bed so I could sleep through that part. The problem is that I'm still queasy when I wake up in the morning, and it's very hard to make myself eat much for breakfast! I'm lucky if I can get down a peice of fruit or a half cup of cottage cheese in the first couple of hours I'm awake.

    I've also been working out like crazy this past week and only lost half a pound, so I'm very concerned that skipping beakfast may be at least partially responsible for the slower-than-usual losses. Could the tiny breakfasts be doing this to me? If so, what are your suggestions for how to get myself to eat more when I feel sick and just don't want to eat at that time?
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    Iron from Food Sources

    Try taking a natural iron supplement (iron from food sources) instead of pharmaceutical. I take Hema-Plex and it has never caused me nausea, but my old pharmaceutical iron supplement made my stomach upset every time.