Need advice about honeycomb pull through integration

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    I went to a local salon specializing in thinning hair. She told me I definitely have enough hair that I could do a hair integration piece. It is like an extended topper that ends at the occipital bone in the back. You put it on your head with a chin strap in place, then start pulling your own hair through with a rat tail comb or brush. The honeycomb wefts are large enough to pull lots of your own hair through, and theoretically, you wouldn't have to use the clips unless you were going somewhere windy. It easily comes off at night, and doesn't seem like it would damage your hair like some other integration systems.

    The one I am considering is a human hair piece, but not the really nice Eastern European hair. I'm thinking it's Chinese and/or Indian hair. The price tag is $1500 for three blended colors. It's supposed to last 18 months at least. I told her I would need to think about it. The price seems excessive to me. If the hair was more like Follea hair, but it has a coarser texture than my own fine hair. This would be my second attempt at wearing hair. First was a synthetic topper that had clips and never fit correctly, since I have a small head. Also, those clips hurt!

    Any one have experience with this? Can I find the same thing online for cheaper?