Need Answers From Womens Hairloss About Spiro Time Frame

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  1. Tracy C

    Tracy C New Member mice. There is no significant evidence that suggests it does so in humans.

    You are distorting information and blowing it out of proportion. What you are doing is not sharing information. What you are doing is called fear mongering. I don't know what is motivating you to do that but it is unethical to do that. Doctors know to weigh the benefit to risk ratio.

    BTW, water is fatal when the dose is high enough.
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    Read the patient info. Of course everyone can believe what they want.. My opinion -based on what I have read I would never take Spiro unless it is medically necessary.

    You seem to be very opinionated and ready to jump on new members to impose your agenda. One would expect a more helpful approach.

    Spiro has been linked to many diseases. That is a fact that cannot be denied. Sorry if you don't like it. There have been many posts on this forum about it as well. Have you "jumped" on other members too?
  3. Tracy C

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    I am not jumping on you. I am trying to offer balance. I have no agenda other than to correct an untruth stated by you. That needed to be addressed. You are blowing it out of proportion. That also needs to be addressed. Spironolactone is not new. Spironolactone been used for a very long time and the risks to benefits ratio of this medication are very well established. It certainly is not right for everyone - but it is not the monster you are making it out to be. Spironolactone has a very long history of being very well tolerated by most people who are prescribed it. If you don't want to take it, don't take it. But it is not right to distort information.
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    Nothing was distorted. I researched on the net and I did a copy/paste. Get a Grip!
  5. Tracy C

    Tracy C New Member

    Your statement claiming Spironolactone is a carcinogen was not a cut-n-paste. That was an untruth written in your own words. If you are going to make untrue statements like that, you can and should expect that someone will call you out on it. That is what happened here.

    Accuracy of the information you will find when you "research" using only the internet is pretty hit-n-miss at best. The foundation of research from solely the internet is almost as solid as quick sand.

    Your best source for medical information is your doctor. Not the internet.
  6. homegirl

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    Dangers of Spiro

    Tracy, You don't know me; so please do not attempt to cast aspersions on me by calling me a liar by stating that I did not "cut and paste" the article on Spiro. The article I "pasted" on this forum was to help others who may be taking Spiro, and may decide against taking it. You can find the article here:

    There has been no conjecture or fear mongoring by me. It's just information. However, after reading that article, I would never take Spiro; others may read it and decide otherwise; but the article is just information. You may take it or leave it - without making inapproprate comments to me.

    This forum is supposed to be about helping and consoling others. I don't know why you seem to be so angry, but you may want to heal yourself first before you make further posts which castigate me or others.
  7. Tracy C

    Tracy C New Member

    This is a quote. It is your exact words.

    There is no point in arguing. It is what it is. What you are saying in that quote is not true.
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    Happy New Year

    The link I provided are not my exact words. But, that is not the point. As I previously stated, this is a forum for women to support each other; not to have petty arguments.

    Happy New Year. I hope you are happy.:)
  9. ana77

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    Dear Tracy,

    Your post made me feel more optimistic....I have been diagnosed with AGA and have been on spiro for 6 months....the shedding reduced significantly 3/4 months after starting the treatment. I did not see much regrow but at least I felt the hair loss was stabilized...but out of a sudden last week my hair started shedding massively, just like before I started the treatmement....I know people talk about an initial shed with spiro, but is a 6 month out of a sudden shed normal?

    I was so calm for the past 3 months with 20 hairs falling out a day and out of a sudden I am even afraid of touching my hair...:-( :(

    Could you or anyone tell me if they think this is ok? My doctor says that maybe its because I am stressed which I know is not the cause....

    Thanks so much for helping me with your input,
  10. Tracy C

    Tracy C New Member

    Hi Ana,

    I went through three separate sheds during the first year of treating my androgenetic alopecia. Each time I could see that hair was growing back thicker than it was before.

    Stress can cause sheds. My mother and I had a spat back in October and I shed out a ton of hair as a result. It growing back now though. I do my best to keep my stress under control. Vitamin D3 helps me with that.

    If you haven't already started Rogaine, it would be a good idea to start. Tapper up to the twice a day slowly over time though. I use men's Rogaine foam every other morning and Walmart brand generic women's Minoxidil every evening.

    It is also a good idea to wash your hair with Nizoral shampoo once a week. If your doctor will not give you a script for Nizoral, you can use the non prescription Nizoral A-D instead. If you cannot find Nizoral A-D, ********** is a good substitute for Nizoral A-D but it is expensive and only available on-line.
  11. Tracy C

    Tracy C New Member

    This forum would not allow me to post the name of the alternate shampoo for Nizoral A-D. I don't understand why. I am going to retype the name with the letters separated by spaces here.

    R e g e n e p u r e

    Prescription Nizoral is what you need, these other two are just alternates if you can't convince your doctor to give you the prescription.
  12. ana77

    ana77 New Member

    Hello Tracy, thanks so much for replying....

    Interesting what you said about stress. I had read on Dr Redmont facebook's page that stress does not cause hair loss, so I convinced myself that stress was not part of the problem....

    I am a very stressed person and since I have been loosing hair its even harder to control my anxiety...I feel so sad because my life became a nightmare since I realized I had alopecia androgenica (even the name sounds scary).... Today I had a very bad day and your reply made me feel much calmer so really god bless you for having taken the time.

    Im going to do what you said tomorrow, I will get the Vitamin D3 and I will return to yoga lessons and will try to control the stress. I alreay use the Nizoral, the one you can get in pharmacies without prescription. I did not know there was another kind of nizoral. I will ask my doctor. I am a bit afraid of the minoxidil though because of the initial shed that people talk about. My hair is already so thin that I feel I cannot afford to loose more :( I also read that if stopped all the benefits are lost so it seems a bit scary....I also read somewhere that it causes wrinkles, though I am aware that we can find all sort of tragic side effects on the the foam to apply on the entire scalp or just on the crown? will it improve the overall texture of the hair or just on the crown?

    If you dont mind me asking also, how long have you been using spiro and when did you start feeling that your hair texture was improving? I have been taking it for 6 months and my hair texture has not improved at all....Also, you mentioned that you had 3 sheds during the first long did they last? Its so hard to see my hair falling out every day :( I hope the shed stops very soon...

    Thanks again for your reply. I was so devastated when I got home and now I feel a bit more hopeful again.....

    AGA/35 years old

    Iron tablets, 200 mg/day
    Spiro 100 mg/2x day
  13. Tracy C

    Tracy C New Member

    Hi Ana,

    Concerning the need for Minoxidil for the rest of your life; You need to understand that Androgenetic Alopecia is a progressive condition that continues for the rest of your life. Therefore you need to treat it for the rest of your life. There is currently no way around that because there is no cure for Androgenetic Alopecia. This is a very simple reality that a lot of people have great trouble coming to terms with. What it means is that it does not matter what you do to treat Androgenetic Alopecia, you will need to continue doing it for the rest of your life.

    The good news is you do eventually get to a point where you only need to be on maintenance doses. The typical regimen for a woman with Androgenetic Alopecia is 100mg to 200mg of Spiro per day, Minoxidil twice a day and Nizoral once a week. Eventually you will no longer need to take so much Spiro and eventaually you will no longer need to use Minoxidil twice a day. You will likely be able to go down to taking only 100mg of Spiro per day and only using Minoxidil once a day. It is best to continue using Nizoral once per week though.

    If you do decide to use Minoxidil, it is best to taper up to the full twice a day dose slowly over time. Doing so can reduce the impact of the initial sheds.

    I don't understand why that doctor would say stress does not cause hair loss. Please refer to this link under causes of women's hair loss. The number two cause is Telogen Effluvium, which is induced by trauma or stress.

    I hope this helps.

    Take care,

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  14. ana77

    ana77 New Member

    Thanks a lot! you gave me very useful information...I am still in the stage where I need to see my hair loss stop and then hopefully improve my hair texture a bit....maitainance treatments seem phycologically easier...

    I will write soon, hopefully with good news, thanks again!

  15. ana77

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    Please Tell me if this is NORMAL/Spiro shedding 6 month

    Hello Tracy,

    I was on the internet yesterday and saw an old post from you where you said that you indeed had 3 separate sheds during the first year of treating your AGA, but those sheds corresponded with the start of minoxidil, laser comb and spiro! Shedding as a result of introducing a new treatment does make sense to me, but in my case I only use Spiro....:confused:

    My hair loss stabilized after 3/4 months, I had almost 3 months with little hair loss and now I am shedding so much again

    Is it normal to shed on and off with spiro in the first year of treatment or is this a bad sign and means spiro is not workign for me?

    If anyone reads this please let me know what you think....this is so frustrating....

    Thanks a lot
  16. hstrygirl

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    had to quit spiro.

    Hi Ladies,
    I had to quit spiro. cold turkey recently, for real this time. My derm. put me on spiro. (200 mg.) a year and a half ago when my hair began thinning. I wish that I had not impulsively done that. My hair, which had not been shedding, began a shed that has not stopped. I quit spiro. two times before, but the shed was so bad that I went back on again. The shedding would slow for about a month, and then it would pick up again. I finally had to quit for good because my kidneys and liver began to malfunction and my potassium went too high. I've since found that I am extremely deficient in progesterone, but have normal estrogen levels. I'm also insulin resistant. My doc. put me on high doses of myo-inositol to try to fight the insulin resistance and to prompt ovulation which raises progesterone.
    I'm deficient in most of the fat soluble vitamins, which my doctor credits to the damage that spiro. did to my system. I know that it helps some women, so I would never critisize anyone who takes it. I'd do anything to have my long, thick, beautiful hair back. I just know that for some of us spiro. does more harm than good. Check into hormonal imbalance first and see if you can balance naturally before starting a drug with side effects.
  17. Tracy C

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    I am so sorry I missed this question below. It is so old now. I am so sorry.

    I would not take it as a sign that treatment is not working for you. With AGA shedding can be on and off whether you treat the problem or not.

    I need to say after that first year of treating my hair loss, I only shed when I am stressed, which is how I was before treating my hair loss. So I am back to where I start in that regard but I do have more hair now than I had before I started treating my hair loss.

    This is very true. Spiro is not appropriate for everyone who is suffering with hair loss, especially those who are not suffering with hair loss from Androgenetic Alopecia. It is most important to determine what is causing your hair loss first. Then determine what treatment is best.
  18. Allision

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    The New Endo I Saw Said The Reason I Lost So Much Hair On Spiro Is Because It Also Blocked My Estrogen. He Knows This Because MOST Women Will Have Menstral Periods Closer Together On Spiro.