need hairstylist, IL.

Discussion in 'Hair Loss Friendly Stylists' started by Idesign50, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Idesign50

    Idesign50 New Member

    Does anyone know of a good hairstylist in Northern IL.?
  2. Mathilde

    Mathilde New Member

    In Chicago, need hair (stylist would be nice too ;)

    If you know of anyone in Chicago who knows how to work with thinning hair, please let me know!
  3. Goldilocks

    Goldilocks New Member

    My very good friend from high school has alopecia universalis - she has no hair anywhere, wears a wig and is a fantastic hairdresser at Hair Sensations in Buffalo Grove (north suburb of Chicago), Illinois - if anyone has empathy for hair loss, she does! Her name is Susan Miller and I am attaching the link to the salon's FB page.
  4. Monirul

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    Argan Oil for Hair and Get All Its Benefits

    Argan oil for hair could repair hair damage brought on by certain conditions and strong chemicals applied on the hair such as strong hair products and the frequent use of blow dryers. You don't have to wait for weeks or months before you can feel its positive effects because they can be noticed right after application of this oil on the hair. Hair becomes moisturized thus it becomes softer, shinier and healthier.
  5. Julia David

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    Being a cosmetologist is great if you are a people person and you enjoy working with hair. Unfortunately you have to go to school to get your license but you wont learn much from school. Schools will only focus on teaching you the steps to become a licensed individual and how to pass your state board test/exam.The rest is all YOU :)

    The hair business is just like computers, cars, phones and other stuff out there, you will need to stay updated with new styles, new products, new state regulations and more... Being in the business makes it easier but not easy.

    I would recommend getting a job at a franchise hair salon after you get your license where you can practice volume, speed, and build your confidence. Once you are ready and have enough experience, you can rent a station or open your own place and work your way up.