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    Can anyone recommend a doctor to give me an absolute diagnosis on what my hair loss is attributed to, in the NYC area? I was planning to go to Philip Kingsley clinic in NY but found out they don't analyze the hair strands, just look under a microscope. I don't know what my loss is due to, I am beginning to think it auto-immune but want to find out fast with the proper doctor who understands the different problems. Can anyone recommend me someone? I really appreciate it.
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    Did you find a Dr?

    I'm also trying to find a good dermatologist in the NYC area...if you have found someone please do share...
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    Hair Restoration

    I was so desperate about my thinning hair, that I actually paid a deposit to a doctor in NY before doing my research. After finding out from multiple websites including the American Hairloss Association, that hair restoration is beneficial to men, not women. Hair restoration works for women who have hair loss from scaring, burns, or because they have had a face lift, and their hairline has moved back. Women have diffuse thinning; and therefore the doner hair (hair which is removed from the back of your head) is used. If the doner hair is not strong enough, the procedure will not be successful. Also the shock of the pocedure can cause additional hair loss. I asked the doctor three times via e-mail about doner hair. Three times, he skirted my question; all I got back from him was pages of what a great hair surgeon he was.

    I have recently ordered a topper.
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    This statement makes it sound as though you think hair restoration exclusively means surgery. That is not true. "Hair restoration" encompasses more than just surgery. There is treatment with medications, treatment with low level laser and for some women, treatment with surgery. Don't make the mistake of believing hair restoration only means surgery. It doesn't. If you are in NY, talk to the folks at Dr. Bernstein's clinic.

    Some women with normal female hair loss are good candidates for surgery - but not many. I was fortunate. I do have a stable donar zone, I did regrow a lot of hair with medications and laser treatments - and my surgery was succesful. I used to wear full wigs. I no longer need to.