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    I will be 57 years old next month and realized I was losing my hair about a year ago. I have hypothyroidism and have been on Synthroid for about 16 years. So I'm thinking it has something to do with my thyroid. Appt. with my endocrinologist ASAP. My TSH levels came back within range so doc sent me to a dermatologist who specializes in hair loss. I had a scalp biopsy done and the diagnosis was AGA. My iron is normal, in fact all lab work came back normal.
    Derm put me on 50mg of spiro and Rogaine. That was early Sept., 2009. For about 2 or 3 weeks hair loss increased dramatically. Then dramatically slowed down. Before treatment I was losing about 150 to 200 hairs a day. Hair loss was cut in half after 2 or 3 weeks.
    However, in May, 2010 I started losing more hair. About 60 to 75 (I count) during washing, another 30 or so during styling, and at least another 30 during the course of the day. I'm using generic minox (maybe generic is not as good as Rogain) and I'm taking 200mg of spiro since May. Still no change. The dermatologist says after 7 or 8 months most patients reach a plateau. Guessing that's where I am now.
    She suggested I get on estrogen (sometimes it helps a little) I'm on that 5 weeks now (no change).
    So does this mean that I've reached a point of no return? I'm tired of using minox every nite with no improvement but am afraid to stop the use of it. I don't like the idea of taking a blood pressure med when I normally have low blood pressure but again afraid to stop. And now estrogen. What next?
    There's a heavy history of male baldness in my family. An uncle, his two sons, 2 of my brothers, and my son, all bald by mid twenties. No women that I know of on either side of the family. Lucky me. Does anyone have any suggestions? My derm doesn't seem to.