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    Hello, I'm new here. It's nice to read the stories of so many great women. I was diagnosed two days ago with androgenetic alopecia. I would like to tell my story, and I hope that I can receive some advice.
    I have two daughters, ages 6 and 8. After their births I didn't notice any serious hair shedding, maybe a bit. I decided to carry for an infertile couple as a surrogate. Last year I gave birth to twins, and after the birth I had a great deal of shedding, most noticeably were the two bald patches above my temples. After a few months things seemed to be getting back to normal. My hair started to grow back.
    Since I love being a surrogate I decided to carry for another couple. Unfortunately, it didn't work out with the second couple. But in the last two years I have gone through a lot medically. In Vitro fertilization involves a lot of hormone adjusting medication. Even though the second couple and I parted ways before the embryo transfer I did go back on birth control pills and completed a "mock cycle", complete with lots of estrogen.
    I went off BCP's in April. That's when the heavy shedding started. So I finally went to a doctor this week and she told me that it's andro alopecia. But I'm not so sure! My mother told me that there is a history of hair thinning in the women in our family, but do you thing that it could just be all the hormones that I've taken in the last two years and that my body will readjust over time? Gosh I hope so. I'm not afraid of losing my hair, but I would like to keep it, of course! Thanks so much for listening.