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    Just wanted to share my happy ending. I was on the birth control pill for 2 years, I tried a couple different kinds and ended up with Jaz. I went off it in March and had paragard (an iud)inserted. Loved it at first but after 2 months my hair started falling out bad, mostly in the front/bangs area and on my part line. I thought it was a reaction to the copper in Paragard but tested fine. I became obsessed with it, terrified of taking washing it, I stopped brushing it. Hair was everywhere. I must have a belly full of it from it falling into my food:).
    Anyway, lots of blood test showing no problems. A month ago I went to a dermatologist who after close examination said she could see tons of tiny hairs sprouting up all over my head and that the loss was probably related to a hormone change. Low and behold after 5 months of hard core shedding it has nearly stopped and I have these half inch bangs all around the front of my face! It looks ridiculous but I am just so happy that it's back!
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    Hi Jillyn,

    That's great news!

    I had TE for 9 months after taking Yaz for only 2 months. Two months after stopping the pill my hair was falling out in ropes. My shedding slowly decresed and now I'm seeing re growth.

    Please keep us posted with your TE recovery!

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