New here-just put on Spiro and "special" shampoos"

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    I don't like what I've read so far. For the last year I have been under great stress because I got a bad physical condition which will be for the rest of my life and is very painful, so has been hard to deal with. Also, the problem is in my jaw so I have lost 16 pounds since last year since it is very hard to eat. We puree my food, but we try to puree healthy food, but because I am pretty depressed from this, I have no appetite and only eat at dinner time.

    I've always noticed some hair coming out when I wash it - only wash it every four days since it's curly (and we curly girls don't have to wash it that much) so always thought more came out because I washed it less often. But in the last 6 months or so huge strands - 1/4 inch - have been coming out - I have to wipe them on the tile to get them off my hands. However, I didn't notice much of a change in my hair. Until the last time I washed it. It looked so thin and flat, and I wear bangs and they looked really thin.

    I was going to my dermatologist for something else and mentioned this to him (he also has a hair practice). The first thing he asked me is if I had any surgeries in the last year. Well, one month before the last year I had my ovaries removed. So he explained how the lack of estrogen can affect this...I told him I wasn't going to take estrogen because of breast cancer in my family and he said he wasn't going to offer that, but he looked at my scalp and he gave me a prescription for Spiro- 100 mg. - and said to come back in 2 months. He also said the shampoos we women use have an impact on our scalps, so he sold me special shampoo and conditioner and some supplements to take every day.

    I wonder if the shampoos and supplements are a scam since they cost $55.00, but I don't know, maybe he's right. I hate reading how the Spiro didn't work for so many of you. Also, now I have to wash my hair every day which is really different for me, so instead of flat ironing it straight like I have been for about 10 years, I'll have to go curly since it's so easy, but being so thin now, it looks so different than before and really BAD.

    I am so worried that I'll get bald spots. As it is I hate the gobs of hair that come out in the shower. Oh, my internist did all the necessary blood tests for this.

    Thanks for listening.