New to hair loss and scared

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    Hello everyone. First I would like to say that I think everyone is very brave for sharing their story because I know my situation is not as bad as I probably am perceiving it but nonetheless I have no one to turn to because doctors double talk and my husband is not being supportive. I got myself into this mess four months ago thinking I was actually helping myself. I will explain.

    I have been on antidepressants and other medications for years and wanted to finally get off as I am approaching 40. I was sick of the ups and downs. I had read that lack of testosterone causes very similar symptoms such as mood instability, lack of libido, etc. and I knew that this was playing a factor all along with me in my body. I sought a biopathic natural hormone doctor and sure enough I did not have any testosterone in my body. So in December I got my first pellet injection and started feeling much better. Unfortunately about a month ago I noticed my hair was getting thinner in bulk all over but alot on the top and here recently all I have to do is run my hand through it and pull out a handful of hair. They said with these treatments hair loss is rare because only a few convert the testosterone to DHT which I guess I have done. I think? I don't know if my hair is continuing to fall out. When it does I also see the white bulb attached at the end and I don't know if the thinning on top is going to grow back? I called in panic to the clinic and one of the doctors gave me Spironolactin to block the DHT so I started it taking right away and I am taking 5000 mcg of biotin everyday. I guess it just took me by surprise because I didn't think I would be the rare few. My husband thinks I am crazy and that my hair looks the same.

    Has anyone else out there gone through this hormone treatment and hair situation? Thank you for listening.