New to Hair Wearing - need help!

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    Hi all. I've been hanging out here on and off for a while, learning a lot from all of you. But this is my first post! I guess I need help that is a little more personal now. My hair loss first occurred about 4 years ago now...telogen effluvium most likely caused by stress and low iron. It was diffuse...becoming thin all over. So far, I've been somewhat lucky in that most people don't notice anything wrong. I still have a lot of hair there, but if I don't cover it up with the dark powder I use, you can definitely see a lot of scalp. And it is very limp and fine. I have dealt with anxiety/depression/low self esteem my whole life and have been having a very hard time after a bad breakup months ago and some other life issues stemming from that. I am worrying more about the effect that is having on my hair and what I will be left with. I've decided that it may be time to purchase a topper as I'm hoping that it will boost my self esteem some and at least I will have it should I start losing more of my own hair. But I don't know where to start at all. I've searched online for hair replacement locally (Louisville) and haven't found anything but places offering surgical solutions and a strictly sythetic wig shop. I just don't know where to go or what to do. I want some in person help as I would need to know what to do with it:). Can toppers even be bonded when you still have quite a bit of hair? I'd prefer something I can sleep in instead of something just clipped in. I'd be willing to travel some to get the help I need, maybe making a weeked trip out of it, but clearly would prefer somewhere close to home. I've even asked the girl that cuts my hair and she didn't even have any ideas. Any suggestions on how to start? Thank you all in advance for your input:)
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    I recommend clip in hair extensions, it's easy to use. You can learn from here:
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    great first post, its my first day on here too! you are in luck, I have a solution for you! I am a hair designer specializing in hair loss solutions in Boston, Ma. Im glad that your thinking long term about what could happen with your hair, but try not to stress about it too much because for one, that will only make things worse, and two, theres solutions and you have options :)! I wish I were closer to you, but I can still help!! I have a large clientele of women who wear hair systems (aka: volumizers, toppers, ect) and keratin bond extensions. EVOLVE is an amazing company doing amazing things for women! If you go to you can plug in your zipcode and find a stylist close to you who is also certified. You can see before and afters, testimonials, and more. This system sounds like its perfect for you! The system would be placed on top of your head, and your hair would be pulled through it. There are little connecting points that attach the system to your hair, and those are attached under the system so it is completely disguised. You then would come into the salon every 4 no longer than 5 weeks to take the system off and put it back down closer to your scalp. This isnt something you can take on and off at home. Everything that you would/could typically do with your own hair, you will/can do with the system. (wash, dry, curl, strighten) You could literally live in the same household as someone and they would never know you were wearing anything! I bet more people you've seen walking around are wearing them, and you wouldn't think twice about questioning if that was a women's real hair or not. Now is the time you should do this because the change isn't going to be as noticeable now than it would be if you continued to lose more and more hair and then decided to do it. I always ask my clients what people say the first time they see them with their 'new do' (even the ones who were almost bald) and they always say people can never quite put their finger on what it is. they will say stuff like, "did you get a new color?" or "wow I love this new hair cut on you". that website I gave you will have more before and afters, but I have a few pictures on my instagram of a couple clients who actually let me take a photo. (not many do, and im perfectly okay with that! ) @kaylalaumann.hairdesign feel free to check me out! I hope this helps you, and I hope there is a stylist close to you who can do this for you! I wish I could :(
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