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    Without getting too lengthy, I would like to share my hair loss story.

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 11 years old. I didn't have the thickest hair in the world at that time, but enough to get a good 80's fluffy hair-do going. After I started on the levothyroxine (generic for Synthroid) I noticed some hair loss. Not a lot at once, but definitely thinner. Since I was so young I was embarrased to say anything. As time went on my hair got thinner and thinner. Noticeably enough when I was in high school I would be very uncomfortable if anyone could see the top of my head, so I would wear my hair in pony tails a lot to mask it.

    As I became an adult, there was more hair loss. I never talked to anyone about it as I am very sensitive to it. My mom has very thin hair as well, therefore I assume I'm doomed in the follicle department. When I was in my late 20's I experimented with hair extensions. Which I absolutely loved! It gave me back the hair I had when I was a child. Again, not the thickest hair, but enough to make it look 'normal'. I got 2 sets of extensions on over the course of a year. They are very expensive therefore could not afford another set right away, so I got them removed. After they were removed the texture of my hair was noticeably different. It was like the texture of cotton candy. Before the extensions, even though my hair was thin/sparse, the texture was always very silky. My hair stylist assured me these extensions would not affect my hair at all, which was not true. I think it was more so doing them back to back without giving my hair a rest in between (since then the texture of my hair has gotten back to normal).

    So here I was limp, thinning hair. I decided to go to a hair restoration clinic. BIG MISTAKE! Do not go to one of these places! They have an excellent sales staff, they will promise you that you will grow a full head of hair, even show you a chart of where you should be at throughout the process, which was all a load of crap! They try to sell you all their products (that don't work by the way). Then when I didn't have the results they promised me, they tell me (basically) that I'm hopeless and nothing will bring back my hair. One positive thing did come of going to HRI, they introduced me to a product called Toppik. It's fibers that you shake on to your scalp to hide the thinning areas. It works great, although kind of a mess in your bathroom, and can sometimes transfer onto clothing and bedding, but does not stain and washes out easily. I highly recommend this product!

    Anyway, I still do extensions when I have the money (about $1000 a pop), so not very often, and live with the fact that I will probably never have 'full coverage' again. I hope and pray! thank you for listening :)