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    Hello Everyone,

    I started losing my hair about 3 yrs ago my Dr refuses to send me to a dermatolgist he stated that it was stress, and I was being vain:confused: For 3yrs I've been using Rogain when I don't use it I feel like what ever hair that grew just dies, today was one of those days when i dread to wash my hair because I see clumps of it or worse when i comb it and you can see my scalp I've started taking Vitamins to see if that helps.... But I don't know what to do!!!! Any Advice is appreciated.

    Thank you all so much.
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    Your doctor sounds like mine. Ask your insurance if you can self-refer to a dermatologist; there may be a higher co-pay, but that way you don't need your primary physician's referral.

    If your doctor says you're just being vain, (1) he's a jerk; (2) he's missing the point (hair [I'm pretty sure] doesn't just jump ship for the fun of it. You need to find out if there is an underlying cause, just as iron deficiency) and (3) did I mention he's a jerk? If he's that oblivious, I might recommend getting a new one.

    That's good you've started with vitamins. Iron deficiency can lead to hair loss. It takes time though I think for those to have an effect.
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    Thank You Reb

    for responding, I've thought of changing my Dr he is the second one that states it the first time I had a women Dr and thought she would understand but she didn't, You know a lot of people don't understand the feeling the crying because you feel helpless.... Thank You for responding I'm so happy to have support my family doesn't understand my brother and sisters have thick hair so they can relate to how I feel.:(
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    Maybe you could get a derm referral based on a different "problem"? ;) My pcp sends me to the derm every year for a full body check for skin cancer. I'm a little older than you, but I've been doing it since my late 30's. Anyway, my derm was happy to talk to me about my hair while I was in the office. I'm sure you can come up w/something if it comes to that.

    I'm with Reb, that dr. is a jerk! There's got to be a systemic issue causing our hair loss it whether it's medication, hormones or a vitamin deficiency. Not to mention the stress & depression that can come with hair loss.

    Hope you get some answers soon!
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    Thank You

    Thank You, I'm trying to change my Dr. and see if I can get someone more sensitive to the situation... I'll keep you posted.:(