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    I just found this site after searching on the internet for a while for answers to my hair loss. I am 37 years old, have 2 kids, and went off the pill back in December (tired of feeling moody and like crap all the time). I have had fine hair my whole life and really can't afford to lose any more. The hair at the front of my scalp at my bangs has really thinned out. It looks really bad and I am freaking out! I have to wear a hat if I am out in the sun for any period of time or my scalp gets cooked! My husband has been blaming me for clogging up the shower drain and I laughed it off but now I think he was right. I need advice on what type of doctor to see first, does Rogaine even work, and what type of supplements/vitamins help with hair growth. I also have been hilighting my hair for years and wonder if I should color it back to my natural hair color and stop coloring all together. I also have alot of body (arms) and facial hair (it's blonde thank God) and I am not sure if drugs like Rogaine will make that worse. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated!