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    My name is Barbie and I am 34 yrs old. My journey with hair loss started 5 yrs ago when I was getting ready for my wedding and the make artist told me she would use some make up to cover my thinning hair in the front.

    After that is just gotten worse. I had two babies and loss hair after each pregnancy didn't help. All my blood test shows up as normal and everyone tells me is stress.

    For the last year its been so hard that even taking pictures makes me sad since I am losing on creating memories for my kids. I just had my baby girl six months ago.

    I couldn't resist anymore and decided to have Hair Transplant done. Its been only 2 weeks and of course is worse now than before so I have my moments were I regret it and feel hopeless and so negative. I just hope to see some hair grow back.

    I feel like my life is over and if it weren't for my babies and my family I don't know what'll I do. I try to focus on the positives things that life offers and most importantly that I am healthy but this is so hard.

    I am going to my regular dr next week to talk about getting blood work again, talk about depression ( I don't want to take pills since I am scare of getting addicted).

    I hope to continue visiting this forum and get to know you guys.
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    Hi Barbie,

    I am so sorry the transplant is not what you expected. I have seen this before, the recovery is very long from what I hear.

    You have found a great place for friends and advise.