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    Well my journey with hairloss started about 3 yrs ago, this whole ordeal is due to the birth control pill. Now I have been on bc since I was 17, i'm 33 now, with no problems what so ever. I have four children and never experienced a post partum shed, at least not that I could notice, my hair has always been fine and very curly I could straighten it and do a lot with it with no problems. Well my ex husband had a vasectomy and I no longer needed bc so I stopped them and a few months later noticed a lot of shedding. I work for doctors so I just saw her and she said it was due to stopping bc and should stop after a few months, I was never really bothered by it I was kind of oblivious to the whole hairloss thing. Well it started to get better and then I went thru a divorce about 8 months after, went thru that and my hair was fine I never stressed over it since I had a lot on my plate already. I started back on bc in August 2007, took yasmin and things were fine my hair was great my life getting somewhat back on track, well yasmin was expensive then, since no generic, so I switched pills and thats where the fun begins. Of course a few months after I started shedding like crazy so I switched back to yasmin and it started to get better but then I skipped a month about 8 months after I swithced since my bf at the time was deployed and I didnt really need it, well that was a big mistake i went thru the shed again even tho I started taking the yasmin again the next month, it didnt matter I started shedding anyway well my hair volume was less than half my original volume I was so stressed I started taking vitamins, biotin, amino acids etc and then decided I didnt want to be a prisoner of bc because of my hair i didnt need to take it, my bf already had a vasectomy, so I decided to quit in May 2009 my hair was already in bad shape but right after I stopped it seemed to get better with the supplements and an herbal hormone balance pill I started, but then again it was around 3 mos after I had skipped that month so it was probably getting better on its own. I thought the worse was over but of course not, exactly 3 months after in Sept. 2009 I started shedding again I had stopped the herbal supp. because my periods were extremely regular and never had problems so I figured my hormones were back on track, this shed has been the worse, working with less volume I didnt have a lot of hair left to work with because of all the other sheds so its been devastating, now it's January and even though I shed less I think it's just cuz I have less. I try to think postive since i bounced back from the previous sheds but this one isnt letting up. I just take my vitamins and biotin and a hair nails and skin supplement but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I've done labs for thyroid etc and they all come back normal. I havent officially seen a Dr. for this but im guessing I might have to soon, not that it would make much difference. Well thats where I stand now, it does help to know im not the only one that is going thru this so I appreciate anyone that reads my story and hopefully I will have more positive things to write about in the future. Your stories are a lot of help trying to deal with this since I dont really share this with anyone else I try to hide it the best I can it's not getting easy tho but i think people dont like to say stuff about it.
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    Have you had your ferritin level tested?
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    Yea i have checked my ferritin and it was around 42 which isnt bad but I know it's supposed to be around 70 and I have taken iron pills but didn't seem to do anything,my hair grows and I see growth all the time but it can't keep up with the shedding. I really feel my hormones are the problem and the birth control screwed it all up especially since your body changes as you get older. I have two beautiful daughters and I will always discourage them from taking bc, there are other methods instead of pumping artificial hormones in your body! I'm going to start this herbal complex called restore from herbally grounded, I tried it last year and I think it helped but I'll try anything at this point to stop the shed at least.
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    Well it's 9 months after I stopped the pill and the shedding is decreasing over time, it goes up and down from 50 a day to like 35-40 depending on the time of the month. The only odd thing is im shedding short hairs along with longer hairs which is kinda scary!:confused: I started taking the herbal hormone balancing pill a month ago and It is probably helping my shedding, but can't really know for sure. I see growth all the time but it is slow and frustrating mostly because am being impatient! I know it will take years to see major improvement and I am praying that I am recovering from this hell of hair loss and I will not touch birth control ever. I contemplated trying spironolactone but I am scared to start something again only to be stuck on it. I have to have faith that this will end very soon and trust God will answer all prayers concerning this. I have to take care of myself and my children and remember that is the priority in my life!