Newbie: Spirolactone and interacting drugs?

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  1. Tara100

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    I suffer from quite heavy androgenetic alopecia, and have done for many years - thankfully I began with very thick naturally curly hair, but I only have approx a 1/3rd of it left.

    After seeing a dermatologist who could find nothing abnormal in my blood tests, he has advised I try Spirolactone. I have read up on this drug on the net, and I'm a little worried about it's side effects.

    I am currently taking Propanolol 40mg one tablet at night to calm tachycardia, and Mirtazapine (anti-depressant)
    As both of these meds lower blood pressure, I think I may have to come off them, which is also worrying (though my doctor hasn't discussed this, and I doubt he will, as you have to do your own homework with many UK GP's :()

    Thoughts anyone please?
  2. Tracy C

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    Hi Tara,

    Can you talk to your pharmasist about it? They are usually very good about knowing drug interactions.

    I take Spiro myself and I have not experiened any of the possible side effects.

    Take care,

  3. Tara100

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    Hi Tracy

    The dermatologist mentioned that if I suffer from tiredness and lethargy, that the spiro would compound this, and that because both lower blood pressure, I should discuss this fully with my doctor. When I took this info back to my doctor, he just said "We'll monitor things"

    The last thing I want is passing out whilst driving etc, which is what can happen if blood pressure is too low (and worse)

    I think I have to decide whether to go ahead with spiro and drop one or both of my meds, which is a daunting thought. I want to hold on to my hair though too...
  4. kristine_c

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    Hello Tara,

    Spironololactone's antiandrogenic effect is beneficial but should also be used with caution especially in women with irregular menses and abnormal breast enlargement.

    Some medications which need monitoring when used in combination with spironolactone are the following:

    - Vitamin D3
    - Vitamin D2
    - Vitamin B12
    - Levothyroxine
    - Fluticasone
    - Aspirin
    - Warfarin
    - Carvedilol
    - Rosuvastatin
    - Duloxetine
    - Insulin glargine
    - omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids
    - atorvastatin
    - pregabalin
    - escitalopram
    - es**********
    - clopidogrel
    - montelukast
    - tiotropium

    When in doubt always ask your doctor, it really helps. And of course, as always we should always weigh the risk and benefits of the drugs that we use.
  5. imadesphousewife

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    Hey Tara, I am just throwing this out there for some thought. I don't know how long you've been on your antidepressant or what the circumstances were surrounding it. But I can tell you from personal experience that sometimes these meds can actually CAUSE anxiety rather than eliminate it. I spent the last five years or so on first Prozac, then Paxil. Basically, they caused me to feel anxious, have palpitations and sweat profusely. (Idiot me to take them as long as I did!)

    I also take Spiro but the above mentioned nasty side effects dissapeared after stopping the psych meds. Ironic, huh? Just thought I'd throw that out there. I also take Lisinopril in a very small dose. The doctor originally prescribed it as my blood pressure would skyrocket during panic attacks. That was years before I started the Spiro, and will likely be going off it soon as I no longer need it.

    Hope this helps. Take Care.
  6. Tara100

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    Thank you for the replies :)

    It seems I needn't have worried too much about spiro interacting with my other meds; the doctor has put me on 25mg, and told me to take half a tablet a day to begin with, and then I can increase up to 25mg (eventually)

    I'm sure this dose, even at 25mg a day will do nothing to assist with the hair loss, as the dose is way too low.
    I said to the doctor that I've read others take up to 200mg for hair loss, and he was shocked, saying the most he would ever let anyone take for hair loss is 50mg per day.

    UK doctors really have no experience of spiro for hair loss, and see it really as a water retention / high blood pressure reliever.

    I'm so fed up right now :(
  7. Tara100

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    After just stumbling across some very worrying info re spiro, I'm going to give it a miss.
    I'll post the info on a separate thread, as I think others should see it.

    Now I don't feel so fed up :)
  8. Tracy C

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    Hi Tara,

    It is important for others to know and understand that the worrysome information you found applies to rats, not humans. There is no history of Spiro causing those problems in humans, even though Spiro has a very long history of use in humans.

    I was aware of this study when I was first prescribed Spiro. I was not concerned then because I knew the studies wer not perfomed "dosed to scale" as they should have been. 150mg for a rat is not the same as 150mg for a human. If humans were given the equivilent "dose to scale" as was given these rats, the doses in milligrans would be in the thousands and larger. I also know that what happens in one organism (rodent) is not necassarily the same as what would happen in another organism (human).

    People do need to know this kind of stuff though. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable about taking any medication, don't take the medication.

    Take care,

  9. Tara100

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    Ok, well as said, it's up to readers to research further and make their own minds up. I didn't feel comfortable with not posting it, though I was in two minds....

    It may be worth noting though, that it's advised that women undergo yearly cervical pap (smear) testing here in the UK when on the drug, rather than the usual 3-5 years (dependent on age)

    Forgetting the testing on rats, this info alone is enough to make me jittery.
  10. Tracy C

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    That is completely understandable. If I didn't already know Spiro has such a long history of reasonably safe use in humans I would be jittery too.
  11. Tara100

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    I'd say let's agree to disagree, but I don't think even that would go down well, so I will now bow out and leave you to the thread. ;)
  12. Velvet

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    Does anyone know if using antihistamines while on spiro and minoxidil is bad?
    I am suffering from the worst hay fever and just want to pop a couple of pills to stop the sneezing but not sure whether I should...anyone know?