Nioxin and Worsening Shed?

Discussion in 'Looking For Advice (my story)' started by BluzGirl76, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. BluzGirl76

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    Hi all - I am hoping to get the advise of Nioxin users out there. I'm on my second week of using the "Noticeably Thinning Hair" formula and my shedding has gotten a LOT worse since I've been using it. I lose a TON more in the shower, at least 50 or so, but I am sure that's because I'm using the conditioner when I never really used conditioner before. I'm sure the lubricating effects make the hair fall out in the shower versus the sink when I comb it through. But overall, it seems like the 200 hairs I was shedding with each washing are now a lot more numerous! I'm also using Rogaine, but have been for several months. I know that Rogaine can cause the "Dread Shed" but wasn't sure if Nioxin could as well.

    Thanks for your help! I'm losing my mind today!!
  2. meggie

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    Hi. I started using Nioxin shampoo and conditioner about a week ago and also notice quite a bit of shedding, although I was shedding a lot before using it. I do like the look and feel of my hair though from using it. I'm hoping it eventually starts to help with the hair loss and constant shedding. I know Rogaine makes hair shed at first also, even though I have never tried it. Let me know how the Nioxin works for you.
  3. brneyez

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    I've used Nioxin for many years now. I don't remember a shed when I first started it, but now I only lose 10-20 hairs in the shower each day. I don't think Nioxin helps you get any new growth, but I like the texture it gives my hair. I have really oily hair and it seems to keep it clean for most of the day.
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    I used Nioxin for about a year or more but did not buy it again because I was not sure if it helped or not. I also liked my hair texture from Nioxin and was thinking of purchasing it again. I don't remember that it made my shedding worse but I am willing to try it again. I also used the scalp treatment which seemed to help with some of the itchiness. Although this is all relative as I have been shedding for about 16 years, sometimes it is worse than others but it is always there!! You are right Bluzgirl most likely the extra you got in the shower was from using conditioner. I did that the other day (used conditioner) and was getting tons in my hands. I think because it detangles your hair more and therefore comes out there instead of when you comb it. Altho I still had loads more when I combed that day. Not doing that again!! But there also is a great product called ITS A TEN miracle treatment that I have been using in lieu of conditioner. It is a leave in conditioner that detangles wonderfully and smells great. Also does not leave your hair too greasy. You kinda have to experiment at first to see how much you can spray in and not get too oily or soft. I have been using it for over a year and love it. Gives some body as well.