Nizoral shampoo seems to be working

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by alix, Mar 20, 2017.

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    Hey ladies,
    I just want to put it out there, I've had hair loss for over 20 years - it goes up and down in severity but is always there. I'm currently in post partum hair loss hell (my third kid) so it's not unexpected to be losing soo much as now. I've tried everything under the sun and am very skeptical of most treatments. For me I think the cause is hormonal and just the way my body is. Anyway, I tried Nizoral recently and really think it's the first product that has helped. The shedding greatly decreased within a week. I'm still losing more hair than the average person but for me this is not *that bad.* Also my scalp feels healthy again - when I'm shedding a lot I can feel my scalp hurting, as if all my hair was in a pony tail too long sort of feeling. It might be a coincidence the Nizoral and decreased shedding but I'm not going to stop using it just in case. Good luck everyone!