Discussion in 'Northeast' started by Jerseygirl, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Jerseygirl

    Jerseygirl New Member

    Any Jersey girls?
  2. KaLa

    KaLa New Member

    I'm from southern new jersey.
  3. Jerseygirl

    Jerseygirl New Member

    I am in southern NJ also.
  4. KaLa

    KaLa New Member

    Have you found any good hair places in the area? I am just starting to think about looking for wigs. I am on medication that has been making my hair fall out for about a year and am going through another big shed. I have lost at least half of my hair (density, no patches). It is looking really thin and I can see my scalp a lot now.
  5. peneloperivera

    peneloperivera New Member

    Yes, I'm here! :) I'm new so just figuring out how to best interact..
  6. Metalmom

    Metalmom Member

    Hi! I'm in central Jersey. Are there any meet-ups?