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    Whether or not you personally benefit, posts, usernames, signatures and/or info in your profile that name, promote or advertise free or commercial services, websites or products are considered to be advertising and will be immediately removed.

    Do Not join the network or forum with the intention of selling a product, service, or to promote your own site. This will not be allowed in the forum or network, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Please do not waste your time misrepresenting yourself on the network or forum. Be advised that the women in this network are always looking out for each other and the community is actively monitored. A moderator will always be alerted if there is a questionable user or post online. Your account will be immediately deleted. This is an ad-free network, a safe community for women with hair loss who are genuinely looking for answers and support. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Thank You.
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    We Would Like To Be A Part of the network how can we..

    Have A Women's Hair Loss Project In Atlanta? I would like to support this group and donate Hair from my company to women who suffer with hair loss how can we help....????