No section in Hair Loss for women w Male Pattern Balding?

Discussion in 'Hair Loss Causes' started by MrsK4Jesus, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. MrsK4Jesus

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    Hi!!! I have written previously in regard to asking if anyone had been diagnosed (dr.'s report) with male pattern balding.

    I noticed that it is not listed with types of female hair loss and am still inquiring whether anyone else has been diagnosed with MPB or knows anything about it???:confused:
  2. Lisah

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    Female Patterned Hairloss

    Yes, there are plenty that have been diagnosed but the name more common to most people is FPH( Female Pattern Hairloss) We also use the name Androgenetic Alopecia( not sure if spelled right) which is basically the same thing I would say as MPB( Male pattern Balding) we as women usually lose hair in a diffuse matter all over the head but men usually lose the hair in a general area( not sure if that makes since) Anyway we are all trying to figure out what direction to go in when it comes to out loss(hair)... I have been diagnosed with AGA and also TE so who knows what to expect from these doctors... we have to work together and maybe we can solve this problem together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sure hope so for all of our sakes..... Hope this can help you.....:):):)LOL, Lisah
  3. lisas

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    Me too!!

    Hi Ladies!!

    I haven't been diagnosed with MBP but that's what I have. In fact, the last time I saw her, my doctor remarked "Hey, that's one heck of a comb-over you've got there." Truly???? :confused: but that's beside the point.

    Okay, so after much research on this website and others, here's what I'm going to do.... I started taking cimetidine (400 mg 4-5 times daily) and saw palmeto (though I haven't yet settled on a dose) and I'm thinking about rogaine for men.

    What are you using and has anything worked?
  4. Kara

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    Me too :)

    Hi everyone!

    I'm quite new here and getting to realize that I might be on the luckier end of AGA. I have male pattern balding, my forehead is getting taller and taller and my temple thinner but at least the rest of my hair seems stable:)

    Until I've done my research here I was sure that I will go the hair transplant way as soon as I can but the stories here made it clear it's not that easy at all.

    Does anyone with male pattern balding have any experience about transplants?
    Is it possible that later I'll develop an overall thinning? I've head this for 3 years without a change in the pattern.

    Really nice community, I'm glad I found you!
  5. Lisah

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    Response to Kara on MPB

    Hello, It's been awhile since I have responded on the network. I still read daily or almost daily.. Anyway what I know from my hairloss is that yours sounds like it is located in a pattern where transplants may work for you... That is great news.. I know there is much negative about them and I know very little about them because I am not a candidate for them so I have not done much research... My hairloss is diffuse all over my head so that would never work for me....But I know that my derm from a few years ago sent a woman to have the transplants because she actually had traditional male patterned balding... I would do lots of research and find a really good doctor and maybe even start a treatment to make sure the other hair on your head is not affected by hairloss. That is only what I know about. If anyone reads this and has a comment about Aldactone please let me know... That is really the last thing I can try for my hairloss and just wondered if it will help grow any hair where the loss has occured. Good luck and keep working on finding a way that works for you... LOL Lisah
  6. whoops

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    Szia Kara

    Did you manage to get the HT and did it work? I am thinking about it too but havent had one yet i have diffuse hair loss

  7. solar

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    Thank you so much for posting.

    I am a 21 year old female that is healthy, 52kgs, been off birth control for 2.5 years and only recently got back on now using a Nuva Ring (Previously taking Levon from about age 17-19). I suffer diffused hair loss, been to doctors, dermatologists and I even had a 'hair loss specialist' say to me "this is the first time in 15 years I have not been able to diagnose some one", however a magnified study of my hair follicles seem that I still have growing capabilities for the future, they are just remain empty for now.... I have tried oils, shampoos, rogaine, remedies like hair smoothies like put ridiculous things in your hair like banana and honey, aloe vera and other (probably silly) methods, and I dont find vitamins were working after months of taking them everyday (I still take about 3 times a week these days).

    What I noticed though was that I have always had thin hair, from when I was a teen but my scalp was never showing and I was able to style it however I like. It was not until I was about 20 years old that my scalp became really noticeable that comb over hair styles are the only hair style I can wear, I cant put my hair up in a pony tail unless I wrap the hair tie about 7 times and have basically my entire scalp showing (Im not kidding, I watched my best friend, she only had to do it twice with how thick her hair is), I developed a lot of social anxiety from it so I dont like going to gyms to work out because when I sweat, my hair goes all oily, literally making me look like I have a few strands of hair on my scalp (like homer simpson for example). These days I wear wigs, and use hair fibres/dust to cover my giant forehead and extremely noticeable hair loss, I am unable to use hair extensions or weaves as I literally do not have enough hair on my own head to place them.

    If anyone has any leads to answers whatsoever, I would love to hear from you :)