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    So this morning I was at the salon getting my hair colored (those grays hang on for dear life!). After they washed out the color, they combed my hair and I went to wait for my hairdresser to finish her other client, so she could trim my bangs. I'm standing by some chairs, finger combing my wet hair and pulling out handful after handful of hair, holding them and just staring. I don't know what the expression on my face was, but a lady who was watching me said "that's perfectly normal". I was very polite - I just smiled and walked away. I had a mental conversation with her that I can't put in writing.

    I know she meant well, but we all know how I took that comment.

    I knew you'd understand :>
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    I hate "compliments" like that. I cant tell sometimes if I am being pityed or if my hair loss really isnt as bad or noticable to other people because they dont feel my hair EVERY day. My dad was driving me to Dr. Daly the other day and i was crying in the car and he said "no one notices it but you". I literally brough Dr. Daly 2 pictures of what my hair used to look like (wonder if he thought I was nuts). I know my dad was just trying ot make me feel better.. but it doesnt. My mom says the same kind of things to me.
    :( I am sorry..and yes we do understand.

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    That's exactly it, Elissa. Only we know what's normal for each of us. It's hard for our parents or loved ones to realize that we want - need -them to admit they see it, that they understand. And as for Dr Daly - I think that the people who referred him never went through this, so...I think you can finish the thought.
    Thank you. And I hope you had a good birthday.
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    You should have asked that woman if that happens to her too. If she says yes, you should have looked at her so concerned and said "I have a great hair loss doctor you should go and see before it gets worse!" :eek: LOL If she said that her hair doesn't do that, then its "Hmmm??? geez, I guess you aren't normal then huh?" :p
    Sorry, I couldn't resist. Its the smart ass coming out in me. AHAHAH!
    I just spent the last four hours in pediatric urgent care because of Simmi and now I'm exhausted and ready for a nap! Oh, and pissed off too.

    Don't you just love when people get so nosy and have to put their two cents in concerning hair? If she thinks hair coming out by the clumpful is "normal" than she either must be losing a lot of hair and doesn't realize she is going bald or she's a goober. heehee. :D
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    I like sarcastic. I wish I could think of answers like that fast enough - it's usually 6 hours later or in the middle of the night. I'm gonna put you on speed dial for next time (and there will be...). Oh, and I'll go with she's a goober. Because the word makes me laugh.
    Is Simmi OK?????
  6. Angela

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    Simmi has a big problem with constipation which pretty much rules my whole life. Well, she hasn't had a bowel movement in 8 days now so I went to urgent care to have them remove it. I believe her bowel is so big at this point that it will not come out. She has had this happen before, but I have always been able to extract it manually...this time around I feel it is very serious. They looked at me sideways AFTER sitting in that god awful waiting room for three hours. Then after Simmi was seen, they made us wait some more while they went to look at other patients. They could have just given us the discharge papers so we could go. I was so pissed. I went out there after waiting even longer and told the staff that if that doctor doesn't come back in and discharge us that I would leave here whether she discharged us or not. LOL She was in in five minutes and we were gone in six. I should have done that in the begining.

    Now we have to sit on pins and needles, beefing up the measures to get her to have a bowel movement. Its horrible, but she still hasn't done it.

    When it comes to other people, I tend to be able to come up with great sarcastic comebacks on the fly, but I do the same exact thing as you sometimes and in the middle of the night or even the next day I have a great come back for someone. LOL
  7. kawawa

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    pooh and asses

    Have you tired Miralax for the constipation? It is the best thing on the market that is not habit forming or stimulant based, so no cramps You have to desolve it and drink it everyday, but it is really a life saver. They even use it for babies.

    As for jerks, I use syringes for my topper gluing. They work well and fit under it nicely and don't let out too much glue. Anyway, I had this ass of a pharmacist who did not want to sell me any this morning. He told me that I had to have a prescription(which is not true since 1999) I just told him at first that I needed it to glue something. He stalled and then offered me a stubby childrens's medicine dispenser. I told him " look I am not a drug addict, I need to glue my wig down" I had to tell him this in front of two other people. He agreed to sell me just 3 syringes. It made me so mad that I said to him " it is not your place to tell me that I can't have this, I know my rights and I can buy these and I can shoot drugs or anything else I want to do with them" It is very judgemental of you to act this way. It is none of your business and I should not have to confess to you that I wear a wig"

    I fully intend to call Kroger tomorrow and complain. I am hot today too over mean people.
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    Wow -- why should it matter what you need they syringes for, if it's legal for you to buy them? What a jerk. I understand that there's public concern about drug use, but really? You're going to tell a woman who's CLEARLY not injecting herself with drugs that she can't buy syringes that the law says she can? It wouldn't matter if you were an obvious junkie -- the law is the law.

    Ugh. People. I'm sorry you had to "out" yourself. But I will say you're very clever for thinking of the syringe idea -- I would never have thought of that.
  9. kawawa

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    He was forcing his moral beliefs on me and trying to adjust my behavior. Not his job, he should have been a priest if he wanted to do that. I am not sure what he thought, but I was not happy.
  10. Angela

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    We used Miralax, Milk of Magnesia and Mineral oil as a regular protocol for her everyday. In March she started to eat regularly and it seemed like the problem cleared up, but its back with a vengeance and we needed to put her back on the stuff.

    The whole syringe thing is so disheartening. If its legal to sell the syringes then he has no business knowing what they are for. You could complain to his superiors about it too if you felt like going that far.
  11. Dara

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    Try going to a feed store to buy syringes. The one I go to has syringes in bins near the animal meds and you can just take what you need to the checkstand.


  12. divinem

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    * raises hand in regularly clogged plumbing solidarity *